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 SVDL-1327 "Goddess Menhit!" Preview and Download Page

Gigablast SCISSORS!


Goddess Menhit

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Full High Definition


I pay way too much for his shitty Gigablast internet service so now it's time for him to pay for my Gigablast SCISSORS!


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Video Description

GORGEOUS powerlifter and professional male ASSKICKER Goddess Menhit is back and now she's unleashing her Korean KRUSHERS on another victim!

If there's one thing that pisses Goddess Menhit off is a slow internet service while she's trying to upload her latest male-beating video to her site.

Her internet provider promised her blazing speeds with their over-hyped Gigablast service but what she got instead is not much better than dial-up!

So once again, she has to call a technician to come out to analyze her connection and after he smugly tells her there's nothing wrong...Goddess Menhit decides to connect her HUGE, MUSCULAR THIGHS around his head!

Watch as she wraps her throat-busting ANACONDAS across his neck while cranking on the pressure to GIGABLAST levels causing his face to turn several shades of colors!

She then folds her enormous thighs into a head-popping figure-4 and says..."Ooooh, look at this vein popping out!".

Then she likens squeezing his head to "It's like crushing a watermelon!".

She takes him to the floor for more scissor torture pulsating his head in a straight neckscissors as the muscle in her thighs bulge with skullcrushing power!

Then she pulls him into a front head scissor as she's laying on her back and as he tries to pry free she giggles and says...."There's no use trying to escape these legs!".

After nearly killing him several times she finally forces him to agree to refunding her for his shitty service and after showing him the door, admires her AMAZING LEGS for another job well done!



SVDL-1327 'Gigablast SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  22 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  1.6 GB


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Date Added : May-15-2020



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