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 SVDL-1326 "Princess Amber's REAL SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page

Princess Amber's REAL SCISSORS!


Princess Amber

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Full High Definition


What happens when you try to pay for your foot session with fake money?  You get a BRUTAL session with REAL SCISSORS!


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Gorgeous and VERY FIT blonde dominatrix, Princess Amber, returns to teach a foot-loving session customer a lesson in trying to rip her off with fake money by giving him a BRUTAL scissor session that ends with a devious twist!

He hands her the bills and she examines them under a bright light and then tells him..."This is fake money!".

Watch as she totally DESTROYS the helpless session customer in one eye-popping scissor hold after the other threatening him at one point by saying..."I'm going to STRANGLE you until you stop breathing!".

Her figure-4's are absolute TORTURE as her muscular calves flex into balls of solid muscle digging deep into his throat until he can't even make a sound!

Then her insanely SEXY but devastating reverse headscissors almost send him off to 'scissor heaven' before she locks in an 'impossible to escape' reverse figure-4!

What about her bodyscissors you ask?

Princess Amber has one of the most BREATH-ROBBING anaconda-like body scissors you can imagine which leaves him absolutely breathless!

At one point you can hear her shoes creaking together as she tightens up her grip to head-popping levels!

After she nearly puts him out of his misery for good she leaves his broken, and barely alive, body on the floor while she takes another look at the 'fake' money.


After taking a second look, Princess Amber realizes the money is real after all but instead of apologizing to the now undeserving scissor victim...she sadistically laughs at the mistake and the torture she put him through!

Something tells me he isn't the first and won't be the last victim to fall prey to Princess Amber's cruel and twisted sense of humor!

So check out drop-dead beauty, Princess Amber, in 'Princess Amber's REAL SCISSORS!'



SVDL-1326 'Princess Amber's REAL SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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  21 minutes 

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Total file size =  1.5 GB


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Date Added : April-30-2020



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