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 SVDL-1313 "Oliv's SCISSOR Camp!" Preview and Download Page

Oliv's SCISSOR Camp!


Oliv 'The Muscle Mistress'

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Full High Definition


It's simple.  Beat me in arm wrestling and you can go.  Lose and you spend time between my THIGHS getting CRUSHED!


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Video Description

It's real simple...beat the incredibly POWERFUL Oliv in an arm wrestling match and you can walk away.

Lose, and you get to spend the next 20 minutes being CRUSHED into shape between her insanely powerful thighs!

Well...20 minutes was the plan after Oliv slams his hand down in a not-so-competitive arm wrestling match BUT when you see just how BRUTAL Oliv's scissors are in this video, then you'll understand why he tells Drew..."THAT'S A WRAP DREW!" at the 18 minute mark and walks off the set!

Oliv drags this guy around like a rag doll which is what he eventually becomes after having the 'stuffing' SQUEEEEZED out of him over and over again!

She makes him gag and spit up right after she tells him "I didn't say you can breathe!" then really clamps down on a BRUTAL across-the-throat neck scissors!

Then she toys with him doing leg presses with him while she's on her back until eventually she opens her thighs wide and lets him crash down in between them and right into a Xenia Onatopp style RIB-CRUSHING bodyscissors!

Her reverse head scissors nearly put his lights out on more than one occasion and front head scissors have him seeing stars as well.

But what finally has him waving the white flag and telling Drew NO MAS! is when Oliv secures a viscously tight side reverse head scissors finishing it with a violent pulling of her ankle nearly tearing his neck off!

And that was that!

Despite trying to get him to finish the full 20-minutes...he wasn't having any more of  it!

So check out our GORGEOUS red-headed powerlifter and exotic dancer, Oliv, CRUSHING IT AGAIN in 'Oliv's SCISSOR Camp!'.



SVDL-1313 'Oliv's SCISSOR Camp!' Preview Clip


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  18 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  1.3 GB


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Date Added : January-16-2020



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