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 SVDL-1308 "BOUNCED By The Bartender!" Preview and Download Page

BOUNCED By The Bartender!



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Not only am I the poolside bartender...I'm also the poolside BOUNCER as this loser is finding out between my THIGHS!


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Video Description

Chaos and her POWERFUL CRUSHERS return and this time...she sinks her THIGHS into a role she can easily relate to!

When we found out that Chaos actually works as a poolside bartender in real life, we couldn't help but wonder if she also plays double-duty as the poolside bouncer since she has more muscle than most of the men she serves drinks to!

And with enormous thighs capable of squatting nearly 400lbs...you'd think she'd get plenty of respect to go along with her tips!

But there's always that one smartass who thinks he can order one drink after the other, including buying rounds for all of his friends, and skip out without paying.


This fool has no idea that the hot, muscular bartender that's been serving up all of his drinks is also the poolside BOUNCER!

He skips out of paying for his drinks and is bragging about it to his buddy on the phone but Chaos is right behind him banging on his hotel door in no time!

"You left without paying for your drinks!", she tells him and then informs him..."I'm not just the bartender...I'm also the BOUNCER!".

Chaos absolutely DESTROYS him between her mighty quads with SKULL CRUSHING PRESSURE that turns his face many shades of red, blue and purple while his eyes bulge out of his head!

She tells him the only way out for him is to pay for his drinks and continues applying more PUNISHING scissor holds while tossing in a BRUTAL grapevine that nearly tears his knees apart!

Her DEADLY reverse head scissors has him gasping for air telling her..."I can't breathe!".

Oh well...when you mess with someone like Chaos...you'll be lucky to ever breath again after she's done with you!

So check out Chaos CRUSHING it again here on ScissorVixens in 'BOUNCED By The Bartender!'.



SVDL-1308 'BOUNCED By The Bartender!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : December-10-2019



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