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 SVDL-1300 "Putting Him Back To Sleep!" Preview and Download Page

Putting Him Back To Sleep!





Full High Definition


Our victim wasn't quite prepared for the scissor beating Angellee gave him eventually bringing him to tears in this short post video interview!




My deadbeat roomie likes to sleep in until 12 noon every day.  When I'm done with him...he'll be sleeping until 12 midnight!


The screen captures above are taken from the actual video which you can download with the video in one zip file.

There are 114 screen captures in the full gallery.


Video Description

When we heard about new fetish model Angellee and were sent a few pictures...there was no doubt this blonde BEAUTY had the right girl-next-door looks that would get any man's immediate attention!

But we wanted to make sure she had the right attitude and legs to fit right in to our ever-growing list of boy-beaters!

The producer that sent her our way told us she did a beatdown video for him with one of the victim's we have used in the past.  A victim that could take a lot of scissor punishment so we knew he was no push-over.  She applied a few scissor holds in that beatdown video and apparently he got pretty fucked up by Angellee's thighs even though it was only a few scissor holds!

After hearing that...we had no reason to doubt Angellee not only had the looks but she also had the legs and attitude to do some damage!

Yep...you can just add her to that 'Don't let her looks fool you!' category where one would mistakenly assume such a pretty and petite girl couldn't possibly make a grown man tap-out or in the case of our victim in this video...be scissored to tears!

After watching this video...you'll never make that mistaken assumption again!

Angellee is on the phone talking to her friend about last night's party when her dead-beat rommie comes out of his bedroom to bitch about her talking too loud and waking him up.

Problem is...her roomie likes to sleep in until 12 noon and she isn't about to tip-toe around the apartment at that time of the day because he's too lazy to get up at a normal time.

She calmly tells her friend she'll call her back after she takes care of a little problem.

Well...that little problem is about to be a BIG PROBLEM for him as he tries to grab her phone, threatening to break it, and finds his neck is the only thing that is about to break between Angellee's young, athletic thighs!

Watch as his veins nearly burst as they pop out of his skull from the insane head-flattening pressure of her leg scissors!

He does plenty of pleading and tapping-out and begs her not to knock him which he is on the brink of several times throughout this video!

Watch as the blonde beauty just smiles and giggles as she totally DESTROYS him over and over again with her anaconda-like legs!

After working him over she decides to give him what he wants...more sleep!

She grabs her phone, scoops his head up high and tight in a reverse headscissors and after calling her friend back, holds the phone in front of his mouth so that she can listen in on his final waking moments before being put back to sleep!

Angellee is another great addition to the ScissorVixen lineup that we are certain you'll want to see more of over and over again!



SVDL-1300 'Putting Him Back To Sleep!' Preview Clip


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  20 minutes 

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Total file size =  1.5 GB


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Date Added : October-28-2019



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