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 SVDL-1299 "The Landlady's LEGS!" Preview and Download Page

The Landlady's LEGS!


Mistress Delerium

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Full High Definition


What happens when you don't pay your rent on time.  Well, my LEGS make you PAY in another way!


The screen captures above are from the actual video which you can download with the video in one zip file.

There are 96 screen captures in the full gallery.


Video Description

When we originally shot this video several years ago, we experienced audio problems where the audio was occasionally out of sync with the video.  This did not happen for the entire video so we were able to create a members area video clip update from the in-sync portions of the video.

But since a good percentage of the video and audio was out of sync...we never released the full video download.

Thanks to some very good audio and video editing software...we are now able to recapture this video in FULL HD as well as correct any audio sync issues and finally release the full video download!  This is something many of you requested after we first posted the members area clips several years ago.

If you enjoyed the 5 minutes of the members area clips from this video...well then...you will definitely enjoy the full 31 minutes in a much larger format and higher video quality!

So why is poor Kandor getting his head nearly CRUSHED FLAT by the tall, leggy 5'9" Mistress Delerium...?  He's a deadbeat and can't seem to remember when his rent is due and this time...she's there to collect the final payment!

When she comes calling, Kandor tries to cowardly hide under the bed but unfortunately for him...he doesn't quite fit.

She easily spots him and finds his attempt to escape her somewhat amusing.

But what happens next to poor Kandor is nothing to laugh at as the Boston dominatrix, wearing sinfully sexy lingerie, shows him what her looooong legs can do to those who can't pay on time!

Mistress Delerium absolutely DESTROYS him in BRUTAL fashion including perhaps the most VICIOUS  EYE-POPPING throat scissors you'll ever see!

After Mistress Delerium nearly ends his life time and time again, she gives him one more chance to fork over the rent money.

He reaches underneath the mattress and pulls out the cash which really pisses her off knowing he had the money all along!

Then she pulls him into one more eye-popping front head scissors as she lies on her side to take a nap while he's trapped with no way out!

If you've been waiting for the full video download of Mistress Delerium in 'The Landlady's LEGS!'...the wait is finally over!



SVDL-1299 'The Landlady's LEGS!' Preview Clip


Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  31 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

Default Video Size:


Total file size =  2.2 GB


The photo gallery/screen captures are in a zip file.  Click the link below for video instructions on how to open a zip file.

How to open a zip file.


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Date Added : October-25-2019



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