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 SVDL-1292 "Let's Teach Him a Lesson!" Preview and Download Page

Let's Teach Him a Lesson!


Nika Venom and Jasper Reed

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Full High Definition


We caught this loser taking videos of us by the pool so now...it's time we teach him a PAINFUL LESSON!


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Video Description

GORGEOUS Nika Venom is back and this time, she's brought her BEAUTIFUL girlfriend and new ScissorVixen, Jasper Reed, along for some of the hottest and most BRUTAL 2-on-1 scissor action ever!

Nika and Jasper are soaking in the Florida sun in the pool when Jasper notices a creepy man with his phone pointing right at them in the guest house.

"Who's that creepy man staring at us through the door!?", Jasper asks.

"Oh, my dad rents that back house and every once in a while we get some creeps in here."

Then Jasper tells Nika "We should mess with him!".

Watch as Nika stands up and starts to flaunt her body and ass to completely grab the attention of the creepster as Jasper sneaks around the side of the guest house and catches him in the act of recording her!

They grab his phone to find close-up video of them on it and Nika tells him..."See the thing is, you're going to learn a lesson!".

What follows is a lesson he will never forget!

Nika and Jasper absolutely DESTROY the scrawny perv in one torturous double-team scissor hold after the other as well as taking turns one-on-one with the overmatched man!

At one point Nika opens her thighs wide telling him..."I know this is what you really want so why don't you come here and get it?".

But after being SQUEEZED senseless he knows it's nothing more than a trap and tries to resist but Jasper forces his head between Nika's thighs as Nika closes her CRUSHERS around his neck for more scissor torture!

Then just to add to his humiliation Nika and Jasper start to flirt with each other as they continue to CRUSH him in their double-team SQUEEEEEZE eventually forcing him to tapout as he does many times throughout the lesson!

Jasper eventually tells him that..."We will knock you out when we feel like it!".

And that they do as Nika puts him in a murderous reverse head scissors and says..."Nighty night!" while Jasper is nearly breaking his ribs in a vicious body scissor!

They leave him unconscious on the floor as they stroll back out to the pool for more fun in the sun!

Don't miss this incredibly HOT 2-on-1 scissor action featuring Nika Venom and Jasper Reed in 'Let's Teach Him a Lesson!".



SVDL-1292 'Let's Teach Him a Lesson!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : September-24-2019



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