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 SVDL-1287 "StrongGoddess Annazon's 20-Minute Scissor Limit!" Preview and Download Page

StrongGoddess Annazon's 20-Minute Scissor Limit!


StrongGoddess Annazon



Full High Definition


This little twig told me there's a 20-minute limit on the exercise equipment.  He won't even last that long between my THIGHS!


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Video Description

When we were contacted by StrongGoddess Annazon a few months ago and checked out her SessionGirls profile page...we knew this beautiful 6-foot (in bare feet) MAN-CRUSHER would have no problem making a KILLER debut on ScissorVixens!

When we asked her about her athletic background she told us she played many sports in high school and eventually earned a scholarship to play Division 1 volleyball in college!

If you're a 'leg man' then no doubt you've watched those tall college Amazons running around in short, tight shorts on the volleyball court and probably thought..."Good lord...I could imagine having one of those girls getting their LOOOOOONG LEGS around me...it would be INSTANT DEATH!".

Well...that's pretty much what happens in StrongGoddess Annazon's debut ScissorVixen video!

While exercising on a climbing machine StrongGoddess Annazon is confronted by a pencil-thin man about going over the 20-minute equipment limit.

She looks down at him and laughs at the suggestion that he could do anything about it since she's twice his size and no doubt at least twice as strong telling him. "Listen sweetheart, how about I give you a 20-minute limit!?".

Then when he asks..."What do you mean by that?", StrongGoddess Annazon confidently replies..."Twenty minutes between my THIGHS because we both know you couldn't handle any more than that!".

Our poor victim is then subjected to some of the most TORTUROUS SCISSORS you'll ever see having to tap-out and beg for her to stop over and over again!

At one point, he is in genuine fear that she may break a rib in one of her BRUTAL breath-robbing body scissors begging her not to as she replies..."Sorry, but it's not supposed to be comforting!".

Then while pinning him down school-girl style she laughs at how helpless he is telling him, "You are such a tiny man!".

And her reverse headscissors absolutely swallow his head with CRUSHING FORCE with zero chance to escape before tapping out!

Listen to him scream out loud right after she asks him..."Why do you even come to a gym!?" then follows the rhetorical question up with a DEVASTATING SQUEEEEEZE!

In the end, and just as she predicted, he falls short of 'StrongGoddess Annazon's 20-Minute Scissor Limit!'.

Contact her today at annakrizatt@gmail.com if you think you can do any better!



SVDL-1287 'StrongGoddess Annazon's 20-Minute Scissor Limit!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : September-3-2019



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