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 SVDL-1273 The Python Squeezes Again in Leave No Witnesses Alive! Preview and Download Page

The Python Squeezes Again


Leave No Witnesses Alive!


Megan Jones

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Full High Definition


This guy just couldn't mind his own business...had to find out what was going on next door.  Time for him to get SQUEEEZED!


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Video Description

Our first Python video was an instant hit as we heard from many ScissorVixens fans how much they loved it and some saying it was one of best scissor video they've ever seen!

So of course we had to follow it up with another one the next time Megan Jones (aka The Python) visited Scissor City (Las Vegas) and that we did!

Last time The Python had dark hair but sometimes an assassin-for-hire has to change up her look so this time around, The Python is blonde and every bit as DEADLY as when her hair was dark!

She's finishing up another 'job' slowly overwhelming the life out of a man between her powerful thighs when another man next door hears the victim gasping for air through the thin hotel wall and decides to find out what's going on.

After witnessing a tall, sexy blonde woman dressed in a python outfit standing over a man's strangled body, he rushes back to his room to tell his buddy on the phone what he just witnessed and says he has to get out of there since he thinks she saw him!

As he's trying to make his way out of the room, The Python walks through the opened door and stops him in his tracks!

She slowly walks towards him, hands on her hips, as he backs up and eventually trips over his own feet and falling to his back.

"Please! Please! Don't hurt me!", he pleads.

Then he tells her he didn't see anything.

The Python wastes no time wrapping her constrictors around his neck in a reverse head scissors and looking back at him saying..."You saw everything  and was wondering what I  was doing to him.  Well, now you're going to find out!".

Poor man was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now he's being completely devoured between the most powerful thighs imaginable slowly draining the life out of him one torturous scissor hold after the other!

And as always, The Python could easily end his life in seconds but that wouldn't be fun now would it!?

No, instead she'd rather prolong his agony and her enjoyment one SQUEEEEZE at a time!

If you are a fan of the first Python, then you'll love this one starring the always amazing and LETHAL Megan Jones in 'The Python Squeezes Again in Leave No Witnesses Alive!'.



SVDL-1273 The Python Squeezes Again in 'Leave No Witnesses Alive!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : May-28-2019



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