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 SVDL-1268 "Sablique's SAVAGE OIL SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page



Sablique Von Lux

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Full High Definition


When you're all oiled up in a small pool with a 6ft. Amazon...there's nowhere to hide and no way to escape her long legs!


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Video Description

It seems as though every time we work with the DOMINANT 6ft. Amazon known as Sablique...she just keeps getting SEXIER and more SADISTIC than the shoot before!

Last time she really fucked-up her boy-toy in 'Sablique's SCISSOR Play!' on her way to a real SCISSORGASM!

Well...this is pretty much a REPEAT of her previous video but this time...Sablique is all oiled up and unfortunately for her new victim, so is he, which means there will be little chance of escape!

It's just him and Sablique whose legs are long enough to reach out and wrap him up from anywhere inside of the tiny inflatable pool!

He starts out trying to be tough telling her "I think I'll be a challenge for you...I think...?".

WRONG thing to say to a 6ft. dominant MAN-BEATER like Sablique Von Lux!

It doesn't take her long to respond by putting him in a headlock with her arms then she lets her LEGS do the rest of the talking!

If you like REAL tapping (not silly over-the-top fake tapping you might see elsewhere), then there's plenty of that as her victim finds himself succumbing to Sablique's SQUEEEEEEZE over and over, again and again!

And there are several moments throughout this video where Sablique is really enjoying herself telling him at one point..."This PUSSY OWNS YOU BITCH!" while pulling his face into a pussy-smother neck scissor combination. 

Talk about NO CHANCE to breath!

Then it's back to SADISTIC Sablique threatening to BREAK one of his ribs in her anaconda-like body scissors which I personally know from experience...she's quite capable of doing! 

On and on it goes...Sablique pulls him in, wraps him up, puts the squeeze on him...TAP! TAP! TAP!, then she releases him only to "hunt" him down and do it all over again!

In the end she tells him it's time to take a little nap (although that may have happened for a few brief moments along the way already!) and despite his understandable objection...it's reverse head scissors time to end his suffering!

There are many reasons you'll want to see this video but we'll let the preview video clip speak for itself in 'Sablique's SAVAGE OIL SCISSORS!'.



SVDL-1268 'Sablique's SAVAGE OIL SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : April-11-2019



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