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 SVDL-1261 Scissor Squad - Part 2 "The Date!" Preview and Download Page

The Scissor Squad - Part 2

'The Date!'





Full High Definition


This douche likes to date women, beat them up and take their money.  Well...this will be his last date after I'm done with him!


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Video Description

What better way to pick up where we left off in our 'Scissor Squad' series than featuring one of the hottest new session girls on the scene today...welcome Hungarian BEAUTY Sheena to the ScissorVixens lineup!

Anyone who has followed Sheena since first appearing on the scene about a year ago knows that this blonde fitness girl is much more than a pretty face and LETHAL BODY...Sheena has world-class judo (black belt), jiu-jitsu and grappling skills from nearly two decades of training from the time she was a very young!

And we were privileged to watch Sheena in REAL competitive action at the 2019 Las Vegas NAGA grappling event just a few days after our shoot with her!

Watching her toss opponents around on the mat like rag dolls made us thankful that we didn't piss her off during our shoot!

But one thing that would no doubt piss her off is a douchebag who enjoys dating women, bringing them back to his place, beating them up and then stealing all of their money!

Once Sheena understood the scenario, she had no problem getting into ass-kicking character as another elite member of the all-female vigilante team...The Scissor Squad!

While bragging to his buddy on the phone about his latest date and how much money he took from her after beating her up, he gets an unexpected knock on the door.

He's greeted by a striking blonde beauty wearing all black, including black high heels, introducing herself as..."Hi, I'm your next date!".

He appears confused telling her..."I didn't arrange another date and why are you locking the door?".

Little does this fool know that he's about to suffer the consequences of his 'dirty deeds' by spending some BRUTAL time clamped between Sheena's insanely POWERFUL THIGHS!

She arm-drags him and spins behind his back whipping his body to the floor and after wrapping her thighs around his neck she asks..."You feel my strong legs!?".

Of course by this time he's in shock and unable to barely speak as she tells him..."I'm going to break your fucking neck!".

Then she mockingly ask him..."I guess this is your best date you've ever had!?".

He manages to ask her..."Who are you!?" but Sheena keeps pouring on the pressure answering back..."I don't have to answer you, better I show you!".

And show him she does in a non-stop vicious onslaught of eye-popping reverse head scissors, rib-crushing body scissors, brutal front head scissors and overwhelming hand-over-mouth action!

In the end, Sheena drags him over to couch and pulls his head off the edge telling him..."Here's the time to die!".

He pleads..."NO! Please NO!", but Sheena ignores his cries for mercy and with a few quick snaps of her MIGHTY thighs, breaks his neck as his lifeless body slithers to the floor!

Sheena stands over him admiring a job well done before grabbing the purse of his previous victim from his table and walks out on her way to her next assignment!

So for Sheena fans...see her like you've never seen her before in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'The Scissor Squad - Part 2 'The Date!'.



SVDL-1261 The Scissor Squad - Part 2 'The Date!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : February-12-2019



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