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 SVDL-1260 "Leg Day SCISSOR Posing!" Preview and Download Page

Leg Day SCISSOR Posing!


Angel of Pain

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Full High Definition


After CRUSHING the last two guys between my thighs, he thought he was going to escape.  Sorry Drew...now it's your turn!


The screen captures above are from the actual video which you can download with the video in one zip file.

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Video Description

Since featuring the young, but very muscular and POWERFUL, Angel of Pain a few months ago...many of you have contacted us letting us know how much you LOVED watching her DESTROY her first two victims on our site!

When we first shot Angel of Pain...the plan was to shoot two scissor videos and then shoot a sexy solo leg posing video of her flexing and showing off her incredible QUADS for the camera.

BUTTTTTT...Angel of Pain wasn't about to let me get away without feeling the POWER of her thighs and instead of flexing her thighs for the camera...she wanted to continue flexing them by wrapping them around my neck!

What choice did I have but to lay my neck across her leggy altar and have her SQUEEEEZE the living daylights out of me...which she most certainly does in this video!

I was actually hoping that after doing two scissor videos prior, she may not have much left and it wouldn't be so bad after all.

Well...I was WRONG!

As soon as Angel of Pain locked me up in her first of many scissor holds...I was like..."Holy fuck!  This girl's thighs are rock solid!" and it was clear...she had plenty of SKULL-CRUSHING POWER left!

And since this was now officially her 3rd scissor video...she really sinks her thighs into it by pulsating her glutes and inner thighs and at one point appears to be trying to pry my head off of my neck by rocking her lower body from side to side while my head is hopelessly locked between her monstrously powerful thighs!

Of course we can't let Drew get away without what quickly became her favorite (as well as the favorite of many scissor fans) scissor hold...her BRUTAL REVERSE HEADSCISSOR!

Now I have to admit....while editing this video I was blown away by how BIG and POWERFUL her thighs look in this position but at the moment my head was being compressed and nearly flattened between her CRUSHERS...I was only thinking about surviving!

In the end Angel of Pain decides to put me in the worst scissor hold there is…a throat-busting across the neck scissor hold, forcing me to eventually make my last frantic tap-out before letting me go!

Then she jokingly tells me…”We got another session tomorrow!”. 

Please note, since this was not a planned scissor video and I was kind of 'ambushed' into becoming her 3rd scissor victim...this video is shorter than our standard 15-20 minute video and is priced accordingly.

Angel of Pain was an instant hit and we're sure this video will only solidify her as one of your favorite new ScissorVixens!

Check her out in 'Leg Day SCISSOR Posing!'.



SVDL-1260 'Leg Day SCISSOR Posing!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : February-6-2019



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