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 SVDL-1255 "Framed By Her Thighs!" Preview and Download Page

Framed By Her Thighs!



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Full High Definition


He thought framing me for a hit job I didn't do would be easy!  Now it's time to frame my THIGHS around his neck!


The screen captures above are from the actual video which you can download with the video in one zip file.

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Video Description

LETHAL-LEGGED Kayloni returns to ScissorVixens looking insanely sexy in her yellow thong bikini and matching top playing the role of a scorned hit woman who was framed for a job she didn't do by one of her colleagues.

Rather than taking the fall himself he frames her thinking she'd be put away for good but soon finds out she's found a way to make bail and is now on the hunt...for him!

He now fears for his own life knowing that Kayloni has a reputation for ruthlessly torturing her victims between her thighs before eventually snuffing them out for good!

So he checks into a hotel in a small remote town thinking there's no way she'll find him there.

But he's about to find out that Kayloni always finds her man and when she does he's going to soon be begging her to shoot him in the head rather than endure the pain brought on by her angry thighs!

Kayloni finds a way into his room and while hidden in the closet patiently waits for his return.

He returns while talking to another colleague on his cell phone telling him there's no way she's going to find him there.

But he will find out just how wrong he is as he opens his closet door and sees the tall dark-haired beauty with fire in her eyes and soon to be vengeance between her thighs!

She grabs him by the throat with her strong hands and pins him against the wall saying..."Did you really think you we're going to get away with framing me!?  Now I got you...you can't hide from me!".

"Now you're going to be framed between my thighs!", she tells him as she begins her work by wrapping her thighs around his neck in the first of many torturous scissor holds!

Instead of begging for his life, he begs her to quickly end it knowing her intention is to make him suffer a slow and painful demise.

There is no way out and no escape once Kayloni has you in her lethal grip, squeezing you until your eyes bulge out and your ribs begin to break under her pulverizing pressure!

In the end Kayloni twists his neck sideways in a standing neck scissors asking him..."Any last words for me!?".

But of course, he has nothing left and certainly no words to reply as Kayloni administers her final lethal dose of thigh pressure!

Kayloni more than proves she's the LAST girl you'll ever want to betray in 'Framed By Her Thighs!'.



SVDL-1255 'Framed By Her Thighs!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : January-1-2019



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