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 SVDL-1254 "The Human Anaconda!" Preview and Download Page

The Human Anaconda!


Roxanne 'Anaconda' Laroux

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Full High Definition


He didn't think my 'Human Anaconda' act would be a good fit for his festival so let's see how it fits around his neck!


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Video Description

In real life, Roxanne 'Anaconda' Laroux devotes a lot of her time practicing and showcasing her talents in front of captive audiences at various festivals, carnivals and other events including Burning Man.

So when we came up with the idea for her to pitch her latest act called 'The Human Anaconda' to a festival talent director...she just smiled and said..."Well...this is going to be fun!".

And what exactly does 'The Human Anaconda' do you may wonder...?

Well, in Roxanne's own words..."I show different ways of wrapping myself around someone and strangling them!".

Simple enough...should be a real crowd pleaser as long as you're not one of the volunteers!

Unfortunately for the festival talent director who tells her that kind of act isn't a good fit...he's going to get a free sample of The Human Anaconda's act whether he likes it or not!

In this video Roxanne shows off one of her best ASSets while wearing a black and white checkered leotard and we think you'll agree...it's one of the best ASSets we've ever seen!

Just one look at her devastating reverse head scissors, or what she calls the reverse anaconda, and how red his face gets tells you just how powerful her ASSets truly are!

At one point she gets worried that her anacondas may have put him to sleep for good telling him..."Don't go all limp on me like that!".

Then once he comes around she picks up where she left off by slamming her thighs shut around his neck in a vicious throat scissors causing him to choke and soon frantically tap out!

This poor talent director is no match for 'The Human Anaconda' and if he knows what's best for him...he better tell her what she wants to hear...that she's part of the show!

Smart man...he does just that but Roxanne wants her powerful anacondas to give him one more SQUEEEEZE for good measure!

So, if you ever find yourself in a crowd full of festival onlookers watching 'The Human Anaconda' do her thing...you might want to try and stay unnoticed as she looks over the crowd for her next 'volunteer' victim!



SVDL-1254 'The Human Anaconda!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : December-29-2018



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