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 SVDL-1253 "The Exit Specialist!" Preview and Download Page

The Exit Specialist


Angel of Pain

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Full High Definition


Sorry sir but you bought a one way ticket to the other side and my thighs are going to take you there!


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Video Description

GORGEOUS 5'10" tall 20-year old fitness babe, Angel of Pain, returns to ScissorVixens to help an old man leave this earth with a smile on his face...or so he thought!

In the not too distant future, overpopulation and lack of elderly care has made it legal for older people to arrange for their final exit on their own terms.

And this has created a new industry for companies who offer highly trained and effective 'exit specialists' who are more than happy to help you grant your final wish.

And one of the best exit specialist is a young, beautiful and powerfully built blonde female known for her lethal thighs and the provocative attire she wears while snuffing out the life of her clients.

Her name is Angel but when on the job she prefers to be known as Angel of Death!

Her latest client, Mr. Jacobs, is thrilled to see the striking beauty standing before him knowing he's going to go out in style and hopefully with a big smile.

She has him sign the agreement and then she begins to lower the curtains on the final chapters of his life.

"Are you sure this is how you wanna die?", she asks him while nearly turning out his lights from the start in a CRUSHING neck scissors!

She continues with brutal figure-4's that have him gasping for air and then he tells her to "Keep going...just take me there!".

Those are the kind of words Angel loves to hear as she clamps on a her BRUTAL reverse head scissors that have him seeing the light on the other side which causes him to panic!

He starts to tap-out and when she loosens her grip he tells her, "Angel...I've changed my mind!".

Too bad for him, he apparently didn't read the 'no turning back' clause in the agreement as Angel reapplies her lethal squeeze while telling him..."They don't call me Angel of Death for nothing!".

On and on the leggy torture goes as poor Mr. Jacob's fantasy of leaving this world with a smile has now become a terrifying nightmare from which he will never awaken!

"This is the end for you Mr. Jacobs!", she informs him as he makes one last futile effort to save his life by offering her double the money he paid her to let him live.

But Angel has a reputation to maintain and part of that reputation is to always deliver on what the client initially wants no matter if he changes his mind along the way!

All of our days are numbered and what better way to count down to zero than with Angel of Death...'The Exit Specialist'!?



SVDL-1253 'The Exit Specialist!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : December-20-2018



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