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 SVDL-1248 "Cart Girl CRUSH!" Preview and Download Page

Cart Girl CRUSH!


Angel of Pain




Full High Definition


Perhaps you should keep your hands on your golf club and not my ass! Now it's time to feel the power of my IRON THIGHS!


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Video Description

"That looks BAD ASS!"

When a potential future ScissorVixen replies to one of our offers with that kind of reply...we know we've found another winner!

And after watching Angel of Pain in her debut ScissorVixen video...we're sure you'll agree as well!

Standing at 5'10" tall barefoot and a solid 155lbs of pure, sexy SKULL-CRUSHING MUSCLE...this young blonde muscle hottie is physically developed well beyond her years at only 20 years old!

And even though it's obvious by just looking at her muscular physique that Angel of Pain has some serious power from head to toe...she's freakishly powerful for even a girl her size!

She showed us some videos of her working out in the gym and we were amazed at the weight she was tossing around!

One-arm bent-over dumbbell rows with a RIDICULOUS 120lbs!

Decline bench with 185lbs!

And...leg presses with nearly 800lbs with 8 large 45lb plates on each side (16 45lb plates total)!

And showing off while intimidating and embarrassing the poor boys is something she admits she loves doing every day in the gym!

So it's no wonder when given the opportunity to do the same thing for our ScissorVixen cameras...Angel of Pain replied with..."That looks BAD ASS!".

In this video, as a gorgeous young cart girl, Angel of Pain has to deal with a lot of inappropriate and unwanted male attention while trying to serve drinks on the golf course.

But there's always that one who takes it a step too far and can't seem to keep his hands to himself!

As he's telling a friend on the phone about this muscular hot blonde cart girl wearing tight red booty shorts, a cut-off shirt and high-heels that he slapped on the ass a few times...Angel of Pain pays him a visit!

He opens the door never expecting to see her standing there but before he has a chance to say anything, she grabs him by the shirt, tosses his phone to the side and says..."I'm gonna show you how it feels...I'll  make you feel PAIN!".

And that she does as her incredible thighs absolutely EXPLODE with muscular definition as she cranks on the PRESSURE one scissor hold after the other!

Her thighs look HUGE in eye-popping reverse head scissors, front head scissors and throat-busting scissors right across his neck!

And figure-4's that have him gurgling in extreme pain trying to catch even a snippet of air but getting none!

But a few slaps on the ass isn't the only reason Angle of Pain decided to pay this chauvinistic loser a visit, he didn't even tip her!

After CRUSHING the living daylights out of him one scissor hold after the other, Angle of Pain decides he's had enough but not before he pays up!

She reaches in his pocket in search of some 'loose change' and all she finds is a few dollar bills!

"Are you fucking serious!?", she asks then decides to give him one more  grand finale SQUEEEEZE that nearly snaps his neck in two!

Whether you see Angel of Pain on the golf course or in the gym...you better treat her with the respect she deserves or she'll be bringing the PAIN to a neck near you!



SVDL-1248 'Cart Girl CRUSH!' Preview Clip


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  16 minutes 

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Date Added : November-16-2018



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