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Macy Cartel




Full High Definition


Oops...I did it again!  Every time we wrestle and I wrap my powerful thighs around him...I get too excited and he goes to sleep!


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Video Description

Former Hustler magazine covergirl and competitive horseback jumper, GORGEOUS Macy Cartel, debuts on ScissorVixen.com showing us that scissors can be both BRUTAL and SENSUAL at the same time!

When we contacted Macy about shooting for us her reply is just what we wanted to hear..."Hell yes...I was built for this!".

And one look at her powerful thighs, built from years of clamping them around horses, and you know any man that gets caught between them doesn't stand a chance!

Once again...Macy gets a bit too aroused while squeezing the daylights out of her boyfriend, sending him off to la-la-land.

"You did it again!", he tells her as he slowly awakens from yet another one of her scissorgasms.

"I'm sorry...it won't happen again...I swear!", she promises him but deep down inside, both of them know that's a promise she can't, and doesn't want, to keep!

Then she clamps on an insanely tight figure-4 around his neck and says..."Hmmm...I think you're gonna tap-out today!".

Watch as the SEXY blonde slowly gyrates her hips round and round as she tells him..."Ohhh...that feels so nice rubbing against me!", all the while smiling and licking her lips!

But Macy slowly grows frustrated with him as he keeps tapping-out right before she's able to build up to her next scissorgasm!  Of course he knows what happens if he doesn't...it's nighty-night for him!

And that's exactly what happens to him in the end as she decides to ignore his frantic tap-outs and keeps going until she's totally satisfied and he?s totally out!

So if you like our 'Scissorgasm' themed videos, then you don't want to miss BEAUTIFUL Macy Cartel in 'Macy's SCISSORGASM!'. 



SVDL-1232 'Macy's SCISSORGASM!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : August-11-2018



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