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 SVDL-1209 "Raven's Wrestling Lesson!" Preview and Download Page

Raven's Wrestling Lesson!


Raven Eve




Full High Definition


Sometimes you have to teach those who doubt you a PAINFUL lesson like this clown caught between my powerful thighs!


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Video Description

Dark-haired BEAUTY and new ScissorVixen, Raven Eve, isn't your typical sessioning MILF!  She has extensive training in grappling and other forms of MMA and loves rolling around on the mats with men who often feel like helpless little boys by the time she's done with them!

She's from Ohio where she grew up playing all kinds of sports and loved proving that girls aren't afraid to get a little rough no matter who was foolish enough to challenge her!

Of course...we at ScissorVixens have no shortage of fools who think they can go toe-to-toe with a highly trained and skilled mixed martial artist like Raven Eve because she's 'only a girl'.

And of course Raven Eve LOVES those kinds of challenges and the opportunity to prove just how silly and wrong that kind of chauvinistic attitude is.

Watch what happens when a small group of cocky men show up to a beginners grappling class and find out that their instructor is a sexy 5'4" tall female named Raven Eve.

They all take turns laughing at her but one in particular seems to really push her buttons so she tells the other two to watch as she decides to push his ‘buttons’ right into the mat!

Having your friends watch as you are methodically taken apart one CRUSHING scissor hold after the other is the ultimate humiliation, especially when there is NOTHING you can do to stop it!

Raven Eve gracefully transitions from scissor hold to scissor hold, including a few arm bars and triangle chokes mixed in, with ease as her overmatched so-called 'opponent' is unable to offer any kind of resistance!

She loves making an example out of him and ‘calls out’ the other two clowns by daring them to do something about it.

But luckily for them...they seem to learn quickly by watching and watching this brutal beating is something they want no part of!

Perhaps you'd like to be on the receiving end of such a beating but we strongly suggest you watch 'Raven's Wrestling Lesson!' before you make that same foolish decision!



SVDL-1209 'Raven's Wrestling Lesson!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : March-8-2018



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