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Monica Mollica




Full High Definition



We have decided to finally release the full video download of this video originally shot several years ago.  At that time, we had to use an inexperienced camera man so there were a few technical glitches along the way but the majority of this video is certainly worth watching!


But due to the few technical issues there are...we are offering this video at a reduced cost of $9.99!


He doesn't like the way I cleaned his room so now it's time for me to show him what my muscles can do!


The pictures above are from the full photo gallery which you can download in one zip file.

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Video Description

When we first approached Monica Mollica about doing a ScissorVixen video...she expressed quite a bit of enthusiasm! 

She told me that she couldn't wait to show her fans that her incredibly muscular, sexy legs were more then just for show and this was the perfect opportunity for her to demonstrate their power! 

And boy did she ever show us just how powerful those thighs truly are! 

It's hard to believe that such an attractive baby-faced woman can possess such an incredibly muscular physique but that's exactly what you get in the form of Monica Mollica. 

Wouldn't the world be a better place if all physically fit women shared the same desire as Monica to show all of us that their incredibly sexy hard-bodies are for more then just show!

In 'Maid of Muscle', the gorgeous and very muscular Monica Mollica, wearing an incredibly sexy short plaid skirt and thong underneath, plays a hotel maid who is summoned to the room of a very angry and obnoxious guest.

He berates her for the messy condition his room is in and demands that she clean it up immediately!

Adding further insult...he questions whether or not she is even a real maid, proclaiming that he asked for a maid, not some muscle-bound fitness chick.

After taking it all in, our sexy 'Maid of Muscle' decides to do some cleaning, cleaning his clock that is, with crushing scissors of every kind imaginable!

So check out the GORGEOUS blonde MUSCLE BABE, Monica Mollica, in 'Maid Of MUSCLE!'.



SVDL-1205 'Maid Of MUSCLE!' Preview Clip


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  29 minutes 

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Date Added : February-9-2018



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