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The Silencer!


Kayla 'Your Crush' Woods




Full High Definition


What do you do when you have a witness ready to testify against you in a court of law?  You hire me...The Silencer!


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Video Description

Kayla 'Your Crush' Woods first got our attention on SessionGirls.com. We also started to follow her on Twitter shortly after that.  And at 5'10" tall and weighing in at a solid 150 pounds...it's kind of hard to miss her!

But what really had us excited to get the chance to work with this gorgeous, tall Amazon was her obvious enthusiasm for showing off her power in more ways than one!

Right from the start, Kayla 'Your Crush' Woods will let you know that she's in charge and has the muscle and power to impose her authority whether you like it or not! 

And once she gets those LONG, SEXY but POWERFUL LEGS around you...forget about it...it's ALL OVER!

If you check out her Twitter account @kaylawoods777 you'll notice a few common hashtags (key words) she uses with almost every post which include #Yourcrush, #Crushyou and #Knockyouout to name a few. 

Clearly she isn't shy about letting her Twitter followers and fans know what a session caught between her LETHAL THIGHS would be like...can you say....TAP! TAP! TAP!...?

Aside from CRUSHING men with her thighs...Kayla is surprisingly agile for her height as she demonstrated for us during our shoot springing into a handstand and then walking around the room on her hands as if she was still on her feet!

Although I am not in the first video release with Kayla...I did get my turn between her thighs and let me tell you...her SQUEEEEEEZE is indeed DEVASTATING!  Had me tapping out quicker than anytime I could remember in recent memory, particularly her reverse head scissors and reverse figure-4's!

Oh...and her bodyscissors...TOTALLY BREATHTAKING and could easily knock most men out in that one too!

When we asked Kayla if she has shot for anyone else we were pleased to know that once again...ScissorVixens.com has the privilege to be the FIRST to do so.  But make no mistake...she had plenty of scissor experience before this shoot and it shows in her first ever scissor video!


In her debut ScissorVixen video Kayla 'Your Crush' Woods plays the role of 'The Silencer'.  She's an assassin for hire and when you need someone to go 'silent' for good...she's your girl!

And for her latest victim...he's about to find out that the only weapons Kayla 'Your Crush' Woods needs are the one's she carries with her everywhere she goes...HER THIGHS!

Kayla surprises him by greeting him in his hotel room while sitting on his bed, filing her finger nails and wearing a sexy, tight black dress with a large slit along the side to show off her smooth, muscular but lethal legs!

"What the hell are you doing in my room and who are you!?", he asks.

Watch as she stands and towers over him drawing attention to her bare thighs telling him..."Look at these strong legs...I'm going to use these to silence you!".

Then she tosses him to the bed and begins her work!

Once 'The Silencer' wraps her long pythons around her victims and begins to constrict...there is no hope of escape and no hope of survival and it's only a matter of time, of her choosing of course, before you are silenced for good!

So check out Kayla 'Your Crush' Woods in her awesome debut ScissorVixen video titled 'The Silencer'!

Note: For you glute-flexing reverse head scissor fans...you're going to LOVE this video!  Kayla 'Your Crush' Woods has a pair of perfectly round and muscular glutes built by years of athletics and power lifting and she flexes them to perfection and of course...submissions!



SVDL-1197 'The Silencer!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : December-11-2017



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