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  SVDL-1195 "Q&S with Sara Lips!" Preview and Download Page

Q&S (Questions and Scissors) with Sara Lips!


Sara Lips




Full High Definition


Sara Lips answers questions about how she started in the session business then gives Drew a taste of her BRUTAL SCISSORS!


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Video Description

After watching Sara Lips TOTALLY DESTROY her first ScissorVixen victim in which he was literally in fear for his life...it was my turn to feel the WRATH of Sara's world-class CRUSHERS!

But before offering my head on 'scissor platter' I decided Sara Lips was a perfect candidate for our Q&S (Questions and Scissors) series which is becoming very popular with our fans so far!

We've seen Sara interview quite a few other producers in the industry (including Drew) so this was her chance to answer many questions her fans and aspiring victims may want to know.

We even have her crunch out some leg extensions with some impressive weight to show off her leg power and of course those sexy but lethal legs of hers!

Then it's onto the SCISSOR SHOW as Drew soon finds out why Sara's scissors are some of the most dangerous and feared on the scene today!

To say that Sara has a 'mean streak' would be an understatement!

Sara is as aggressive and sadistic as anyone we've ever shot with before and we've shot quite a few lethal ladies over the years!

This is nothing short of SAVAGE SCISSORS video with Drew also fearing for his life on several occasions including a few panic attacks wondering how long Sara would keep the pressure on after his frantic taps!

So for you Sara Lips fans...this is a good chance to listen to Sara give you a little background on how it all started for her, why she enjoys sessions and putting the fear of her thighs in the heart of men and finishing up by showing Drew he's no match for the SKULL-CRUSHING THIGHS of Sara Lips!

And yes...Sara's cute pink socks read...'GIRLS BEAT BOYS!'.  

Sara Lips certainly knows how to dress for scissor success!



SVDL-1195 'Q&S with Sara Lips!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : November-24th-2017



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