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 SVDL-1193 "Tyler Dare's STRANGLE Session!" Preview and Download Page

Tyler Dare's STRANGLE Session!


Tyler Dare




Full High Definition


This clown said he enjoys strangling girls during sessions...well...now it's time for him to get STRANGLED between my thighs!


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Video Description

It's been quite a long time since we shot with the extremely fit and sexy red-headed southern belle...Tyler Dare.  

Since that time, Tyler's been on the move living in Chicago and now (at the time of this shoot) calling Denver home.

So when  we saw that she decided to pay Scissor City (Vegas) a visit....of course we had to make sure to SQUEEEEEZE in a shoot with her!

With time, most things change and in the case of Tyler...this is also true.  But in Tyler's case...it's for the better! 

Tyler has always been in fantastic shape from exercising, dancing and of course...beating the shit out of guys during sessions and video work.  But when she stripped down to her tiny thong and top for this shoot, we couldn't help but be impressed as Tyler is even more muscular and lean than she has ever been! 

Clearly working out, eating right and staying in top shape is something Tyler has made a priority!

For this video we asked Tyler if she ever had someone show up for a session and request something that was not discussed during the session negotiation phase.  We watched as her face lit up after recalling one guy who actually wanted to strangle her with his own hands...in a 'playful' way of course.  She told him...'Absolutely NOT!' and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of him for the remainder of the session.

So...that was good enough for us...let’s make that a video!

There is nothing better than when a powerful session girl like Tyler Dare can channel her anger and aggression into  real-life experiences that make her wanna snap a man's neck in half and that's what she nearly does to our poor victim!

I can vouch for one thing...Tyler not only looks more powerful...she IS MORE POWERFUL!  Right before the start of this video I had to get my 'scissor fix' in and had Tyler give me a good squeeze.  Holy shit has she gotten STRONGER than the last time we shot her!  So much so...I was very happy and content to stay behind the camera and let someone else get CRUSHED between her powerhouse thighs!

And for you reverse head scissor fanatics...you won't be disappointed as this seems to be Tyler's favorite 'go-to' scissor hold and good lord, both her legs and ass look amazing while applying eye-bulging pressure to her victim's head and neck!  We suspect many men have fallen asleep while trapped in this sexy but frightening scissor hold.

But you certainly get more than that with Tyler in this video that we promise will not disappoint her fans and ScissorVixen fans as well!

Her scissors are nothing short of BRUTAL!

So check out Tyler Dare in her ScissorVixen video titled 'Tyler Dare's STRANGLE Session!'.



SVDL-1193 'Tyler Dare's STRANGLE Session!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : November-10-2017



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