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 SVDL-1191 "Q&S with Janira Wolfe!" Preview and Download Page

Q&S (Questions and Scissors) with Janira Wolfe!


Janira Wolfe




Full High Definition


We've got plenty of questions for Janira Wolfe and her BRUTALLY POWERFUL THIGHS provides all the answers and more!


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Video Description

This is our 4th video with Janira Wolfe and the 2nd in our Q&S (Questions and Scissors) series videos. 

But make no mistake...this is also as SAVAGE a scissor video you'll ever see as Janira's now ridiculously powerful thighs forces our long-time victim (who has done many scissor videos for us over the years) to announce his retirement saying..."Drew....this is my last video!".

Like so many before her, we were the FIRST to introduce Janira to the wonderful world of scissors but we can't take all the credit for how far she has come.  Janira has taken what we showed her over a year ago and has turned it up several scissor notches on her own while developing quite a large scissor-fanatic following!

In this video Janira Wolfe absolutely DESTROYS our poor victim who after a few attempts of trying to arrange a session with her (in real life) finally got his wish for free by volunteering for this massacre!

If ever there was a 'Be careful what you wish for!" moment...this is it as I'm sure he'd agree as well!

We start out the video asking Janira several questions we know our members want to have answered and at one point, Janira complains that she can't seem to keep any victims around.  When Drew asks her..."And why is that!?", Janira replies..."Because my legs are too fucking strong...that's why!".

Well...she gets no argument from us on that one!

Then we commence with the SAVAGE SCISSORING and pure TORTURE of our victim as he is quickly broken down one CRUSHING scissors after the other until he starts tapping-out within seconds of Janira turning it up and nearly turning his lights out over and over again!

The muscles in Janira's thighs really EXPLODE in several of her scissors as one could only imagine (for those who have been in this position) ,and see by his crimson red face, just how much PAIN and AGONY he's in!

Needless to say...he was never as happy for a video to end as he was in this one...thankfully still alive!

After 20 minutes of SCISSOR HELL, we wrap it up with a short post-video 'victim impact statement' and it's during this short interview he announces his retirement!  Of course we all know you can't just walk away from something you love...even though it may eventually send you to 'Scissor Heaven'…we’re sure he’ll recover soon enough and be back again!

So check out GORGEOUS Janira Wolfe doing what she genuinely loves to do...DESTROYING another male victim one scissor at a time in 'Q&S with Janira Wolfe!'.



SVDL-1191 'Q&S (Questions and Scissors) with Janira Wolfe!' Preview Clip


Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

Compression Format:   MP4

Total Length:

  35 minutes 
  Questions:   14 minutes
  Scissors:   21 minutes

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  1.53 GB


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Date Added : October-27-2017



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