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 SVDL-1188 "Q&S with Carmin Sixpack!" Preview and Download Page

Q&S (Questions and Scissors) with Carmin Sixpack!


Carmin Sixpack




Full High Definition


Welcome to our new video series we are calling Q&S (Questions and Scissors).  First comes questions followed by SCISSORS!


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Video Description

**Note:  There are two video files.  A 9-minute interview (questions) and a separate 20-minute scissor beatdown video all in the same zip file.**

A couple things our fans always seem to enjoy is when we feature new models for the first time on ScissorVixens and when we have the opportunity to ask our new models a few questions before the scissors start.

Well...in this update we have both!

Welcome dark-haired MUSCLE BABE Carmin Sixpack in our first of a new ScissorVixens series we've decided to call Q&S which spelled out stands for 'Questions and Scissors'.

There are two parts to this video and we start out asking Carmin the usual and obvious questions like how much she can lift, how she stays in such amazing shape all year, sessions and what her clients like and her athletic background.

And speaking of lifts...she told us during the interview that she did squats for the first time in a while and was able to get 20 reps with 225lbs!  That's insane power for that many reps with that kind of weight...something you won't see too many people, male or female, do at the gym!

Carmin isn't new to the SQUEEEEEZE GAME and with thighs as big, muscular and powerful as hers...our victim was practically trembling in the corner watching her thigh muscles explode while doing leg extensions during the interview.

After the interview portion of the video, we get to the action....SCISSORS!

Carmin's thighs expand to huge proportions once she pours on the pressure and has our victim screaming and tapping out from beginning to end which can't seem to come fast enough for him!

And Carmin is like many of our ScissorVixens in that she LOVES the across-the-throat neck-scissors and after 20 minutes of absolute torture between her thighs she ends it with that very thing!

But in between are insanely tight figure-fours of all kinds with her rock solid calve muscles nearly busting his throat, eye-popping reverse head scissors and reverse figure-4's, a few vicious scissor chops and ridiculously tight front head scissors that has him seeing stars in seconds!

This is one sexy muscle girl that clearly loves showing men who's boss and with thighs like hers...that's not hard to do!

In the end she stands over his beaten body, smiles, flexes her thighs and asks...'I wonder who's next!?'.

Will that be you!?

Before you decide you might want to check out this muscular SKULL CRUSHER  in her debut video titled 'Q&S with Carmin Sixpack!'.



SVDL-1188 'Q&S (Questions and Scissors) with Carmin Sixpack!' Preview Clip


Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

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  29 minutes 
  Questions:   9 minutes
  Scissors:   20 minutes

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  1.27 GB


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Date Added : October-7-2017



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