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Sara Lips




Full High Definition


I wanted a night in sipping my favorite wine called 'The Crusher' but he drank it all so now he gets to sip on my CRUSHERS!


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Video Description

GORGEOUS Irish muscle girl and session wrestler, Sara Lips, finally makes her ScissorVixen debut in CRUSHING fashion!

Without a doubt...Sara Lips is one of the strongest and most sadistic girls we have ever worked with as she truly LOVES making men scream between her huge, muscular thighs!

During our messaging back and forth prior to our shoot she warned me..."I can't wait to CRUSH the life out of you!".

Now that's not something we hear every day from models we are meeting for the first time but with Sara...there was no doubt she meant every word of it!

Our poor victim was actually knocked-out while we were taking photos as Sara only knows one way...'Smile and CRUSH for the camera!'.

We didn't get the full knockout on our video camera but we did catch the final moments of him somewhat conscious but still unable to speak since his face and mouth was still twitching!  This is included as a short bonus clip at the beginning of this video.

After our shoot was complete our victim suggested we have guys sign a 'death waiver' BEFORE shooting with someone as BRUTAL as Sara but of course that would only scare them away.

But we had no idea just how vicious this shoot was going to be and felt bad enough for our victim that we added 'hazard pay' to his check which he very much appreciated!

Now I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking Sara Lips isn't going to respect your limits...she will!  But if you want to be taken to your limits over and over again...she'll happily do that as well!

In this video Sara was hoping to spend a relaxing evening with her favorite wine labeled 'The Crusher' but of course her drunk boyfriend decided to empty the bottle before she even had the opportunity to get one sip!

Dressed in an insanely sexy red thong leotard and high heels Sara wakes him up after slamming the empty wine bottle down on the night stand.

He wakes up feeling a bit hung over but after Sara is done with him he's going to be feeling much worse!

This is one BRUTAL SCISSOR BEATING the likes of which he won't soon forget!

Now for anyone who has ever experienced an 'across the throat' neck scissors...it's perhaps the most torturous scissor hold there is since it crushes your larynx making it almost impossible to breath or even make a sound.

Unfortunately for our victim...this is Sara's favorite scissor hold which she applies with extreme brutality several times in this video.

And in addition to the knockout while taking photos...our victim goes nighty-night in one of Sara's 'claustrophobic inducing' reverse figure-4's in which he had no idea what the hell happened to him afterwards!

He told us after the video he believes he went out about 3 times total but was able to regain consciousness as soon as Sara realized it and allowed him to breath in much needed oxygen.

Sara Lips hasn't been on the session scene very long but she has certainly earned a reputation for leaving limp, broken bodies in her wake and this video is no exception!

So check the beautiful Irish CRUSHER, Sara Lips, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled...'Have a Sip Of My CRUSHING THIGHS!'.



SVDL-1186 'Have a Sip Of My CRUSHING THIGHS!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : September-27-2017



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