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 SVDL-1184 "How's This For Massage Therapy!?" Preview and Download Page

How's This For Massage Therapy!?


Rici Gray




Full High Definition


He threatened to fire me because I forgot to make his massage therapy appointment...maybe my thighs will change his mind!


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Video Description

Young hottie and scissoring contortionist Ricci Gray returns to wrap her flexible thighs around Drew's neck after he threatens to fire her!

He's been having neck problems and decided it's time to hire a massage therapist to visit him at his office.  But when his young secretary (Ricci) fails to make the appointment, Drew threatens to terminate her on the spot.

But it's Drew that is about to be TERMINATED between Ricci's powerful thighs!

Watch as Ricci hikes up her short skirt and pushes Drew's head down while latching on a murderous standing head scissors.

And while still seated in his chair, Ricci sits on his lap and uses her gymnastic skills to pull him into an inverted front head scissors!

Then it's on to the floor where Ricci takes off her skirt and is now wearing a sexy pink thong as she continues to CRUSH the mouthy boss to a pulp in one scissor hold after the other!

"I hope you don't miss breathing too much!?", she sarcastically asks right before really pouring on the pressure and nearly popping his head off!

Of course her reverse head scissors are an amazing site to see unless you're the one hopelessly trapped between her powerful thighs and glutes in which the only site you see are stars as you begin to fade away!

But it is Ricci's side neck scissors that really has Drew in EXTREME AGONY as she straightens her thighs and squeeeeeeezes him nearly unconscious threatening him by saying..."We can be here forever!". 

Then it's finally onto the massage table where Ricci puts on the finishing touches with vicious thigh chops, thigh snaps and a grapevine that has him screaming in pain!

And to add to his humiliation, Rici straddles his neck like a schoolyard bully girl and says..."Yeah...let's tear your throat apart!".

In the end she pulls his head off the edge of the massage table and helps her nearly lifeless boss get some much needed sleep compliments of her insanely powerful standing reverse head scissors!

So check out adorably cute and powerful Ricci Gray bend and flex her thighs in 'How's This For Massage Therapy!?".



SVDL-1184 'How's This For Massage Therapy!?' Preview Clip


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Date Added : September-16-2017



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