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 SVDL-1183 "Killa Legz!" Preview and Download Page

Killa Legz!


Briella Jaden




Full High Definition


This loser claims I cut him off in traffic so now it's time to show him why my license plate reads 'Killa Legz'!


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Video Description

BRUTAL Briella Jaden returns to ScissorVixens once again and this time she's unleashing her lethal legs on Drew!

The last time we shot with Briella she told us she could have gone much harder and so for this video she was more than determined to show Drew just how powerful her legs can be!

And she most definitely did that and more!

One look at her determined face and you know she's putting 110% of her leg power into every SQUEEEEEZE!

In fact...at one point we thought she broke one of Drew's ribs in a VICIOUS body scissors that had him immediately screaming in agony followed by nearly passing out from the relentless python-like pressure of her thighs!

But what would you expect from a sexy, fit dancer who has 'Killa Legz' on her license plate!?

She cuts Drew off in traffic and he flips her the finger. 


She follows him home and practically lets herself into his house while he's on the phone complaining to a friend about "...some crazy bitch who cut me off!".

But what Drew doesn't realize is that Briella Jaden, and her Killa Legz, are about to cut something else off as well...his ability to breath!".

"I'll show you why they're called KILLA LEGZ!", she tells him while pulling him down to the floor and wrapping her sexy, fishnet-clad thighs around his neck!

Watch as Briella 'gets off' on watching, and feeling, Drew struggle to escape her insanely TIGHT grip around his throat threatening him..."I can go tighter!...Do you want me to go tighter!?".

Then she makes him tap-out from a noose-like figure-4 that has him on the verge of passing out!

After squeezing every ounce of fight and energy out of him, Briella tells him ..."I'll show you why they (her legs) put the KILLA in Killa Legz!", as she pulls his head and neck back into an EXCRUCIATING across-the-throat neck scissors!

As he frantically struggles to break free and breath she tells him..."You're really going to die!".

Listen as she laughs while watching him slowly fade away to unconsciousness and with her hands on her hips, Briella walks over his lifeless body and says..."That's why I'm the Killa...Killa Legz bitch!".

So check out Briella Jaden as she turns it up a more than a few notches in her latest ScissorVixen video titled 'Killa Legz!'.



SVDL-1183 'Killa Legz!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : September-11-2017



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