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Some guys just can't seem to keep their hands off of my thighs, so now he gets to really feel my thighs...around his neck!


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Video Description

POWERFUL Muscle-Milf, Star, returns to unleash her lethal legs on Drew who can't seem to keep from touching her KILLER QUADS during a 'no hands' muscle posing session.

So Star decides to give him what he wants, and more than he can handle, by pushing his head down and clamping her CRUSHERS around his head!

"You still wanna touch 'em!?", Star asks while practically crushing his head flat!

And she threatens him with a BRUTAL across-the-throat neck scissors saying, "I can easily just break your neck in two!".

After working him over in one torturous scissors after the other, Star tosses him over her shoulder like a rag doll onto the bed as he begs for her..."Please no more, no more of your legs!".

But if Drew thought he was going to receive any mercy he was sadly mistaken as Star continues her leggy torture on the bed telling him, "Tell me no more and you get MORE!".

Brutal snapping and thrusting scissors, along with scissor chops, nearly sever his head from his body with each followed by the power and pressure of Star's SKULL CRUSHING SQUEEEEEZE!

In the end it's time for Drew to succumb to Star's PILLARS of PAIN as she hangs his head off the edge of the bed and starts off with a an eye-bulging standing reverse head scissors and finally 'turns his lights out' with a standing front head scissors!

So remember...if you can't keep your hands to yourself, then Star won't be able to keep her thighs to herself choosing instead to wrap them around your scrawny neck!



SVDL-1175 'Feel My THIGHS!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : August-3-2017



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