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Pool Girl Beating!






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I love showing off my body by strutting around the pool but sometimes wimps like this deserve a beating between my thighs!


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Video Description

Long-legged blonde, Harlow, returns to ScissorVixens and this time...she's wrapping her lean, strong thighs around a new victim!

Long-legged blonde, Harlow, returns to ScissorVixens and this time...she's wrapping her lean, strong thighs around a new victim!

Wearing a sinfully skimpy slingshot bikini, Harlow loves strutting around the Las Vegas pools, showing off her killa body...for real!

She was telling us how every once in a while, she'll get some wimpy guy stalking her around the pool and sometimes they grow enough ?balls? to come up to her and offer her a drink. 

And if she gives them the 'thanks, but no thanks' reply....they often get an attitude and toss out the 'B-word'.

Well...that's exactly the BIG MISTAKE this guy makes in this video!

After she denies him attention, along with his drink, he calls her a 'bitch' underneath his breath.  Problem is....it wasn't far enough under his breath for Harlow not to hear!

After slapping him in the face...he marches off to his hotel room only to have Harlow follow close behind.

And that's when Harlow uses the room key he dropped by the pool, to let herself in to his room!

"You didn't think I'd come in here and kick your ass!?", she tells him while pushing him down on the bed for the first of MANY CRUSHING SCISSOR HOLDS!

She even tells him how many men would LOVE for a girl like her to sneak into their hotel  room and scissor the shit out of them, but he's in too much pain and agony to appreciate it.

Harlow's long legs wrap him up so easily, including a rib-busting figure-4 body scissors, that there is no  escape for this little, wimpy man...no matter how much he begs for her to stop!

In the end, after Harlow has had her fun, she puts him to sleep in a reverse head scissors while grabbing the TV remote control for a little 'rest and relaxation' over his unconscious body!

So check out GORGEOUS Harlow in her latest ScissorVixen video titled 'Pool Girl Beating!'.



SVDL-1173 'Pool Girl Beating!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : July-25-2017



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