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  SVDL-1170 "Bedtime Scissor Contortionist!" Preview and Download Page

Bedtime Scissor Contortionist!


Rici Gray




Full High Definition


Oops...I accidentally hit him in the balls practicing my contortions, so maybe we'll try Bedtime SCISSOR Contortions instead!


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Video Description

Cute, little 18 year old Rici Gray was highly recommended to us by one of our talent scouts. 

Knowing what we look for in a potential ScissorVixen he told us..."Rici is absolutely perfect for you guys! For starters...she's a contortionist...able to twist and bend in ways you couldn't imagine!"

And boy can she!

But she can also twist and bend necks between her muscular thighs in ways her victims can't imagine too!

This young athletic hottie was sitting on the sidelines watching us shoot another girl and when I looked over, while shooting behind the camera, Rici was all smiles!

She couldn't wait until it was her turn to jump in and show off her flexible limbs twist and turn her soon-to-be victim  into a scissor-pretzel!

In addition to her contortionist talents, Rici has one of the best asses we've ever seen and let me tell you...it's not just for show!  Once she clamps on a reverse head scissors and tightens up those glutes...it's DEVASTATING!

And that's exactly what her boyfriend soon finds out after Rici 'accidentally' delivers a vicious scissor chop to his nuts!

He starts whining about her bedtime contortions and tells her no more.

But he's about to get more contortions of a different kind...neck contortions from Rici's flexible thighs!

Eye-popping front head scissors, insanely tight figure-4's that make him tap-out and even gag at one point, rib-crushing body scissors, a grapevine that nearly rips his knees apart and of course mind-blowing reverse head scissors!

Then it's onto the swan reverse figure-4 where Rici reaches back and grabs her foot over her back, with both hands, forcing his entire face into her muscular butt while nearly overwhelming him!

So, if you like young, cute and athletic babes scissoring their victims into submission, than you're going to love Rici Gray doing just that in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Bedtime Scissor Contortionist!'.



SVDL-1170 'Bedtime Scissor Contortionist!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : July-14-2017



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