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 SVDL-1168 "Trashed by Her THIGHS!" Preview and Download Page

Trashed by Her THIGHS!


Chloe Scott




Full High Definition


My roomie likes to complain about trash on the floor, so now it's time to TRASH his neck between my LONG LETHAL LEGS!


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Video Description

5'10" tall Chloe Scott is a striking blonde with legs that are much longer than even her height implies.

When we showed up to shoot with her good friend, Whitney Wright, Chloe was still snuggled up under the covers. 

Then the tall blonde beauty walked by as we were shooting the first video with Whitney and she immediately caught our attention.

Chloe just stood there, watching Whitney crush her victim between her thighs, with a wide smirk on her face.  We weren't scheduled to shoot with Chloe but after the shoot with Whitney, she said..."Damn, that looks like a lot of fun!". 

Obviously we couldn't possibly turn down an opportunity to shoot with this looooong-legged blonde beauty and of course...we didn't!

As is the case with many young 18 year-olds, Chloe isn't much for cleaning up after herself, tossing her food wrappers, clothes and shoes anywhere she feels like it.

But...her roommate isn't too happy about all the trash on the floor and finally confronts her about it.

Casually sucking on a piece of candy, Chloe tells him..."I can give you a bigger problem!", then proceeds to TRASH his neck between her long, powerful thighs!

At one point, Chloe nearly strangles him to death with an across-the-throat side neck scissors causing him to quickly tap-out and gag from the pressure!

Then she threatens to tell all of his friends that he got ?beat up by a girl? while watching his eyes fill with tears from her eye-popping front head scissors!

And her figure-4 body scissors are nothing short of BRUTAL as she has him completely locked up in her long limbs!

In the end she grabs a few of the candy wrappers from the floor and shoves them in his mouth while he's hopelessly trapped between her thighs saying..."Trash is picked up!".

So check out GORGEOUS 18 year old, Chloe Scott, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled..."Trashed by Her THIGHS!".



SVDL-1168 'Trashed by Her THIGHS!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : July-7-2017



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