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 SVDL-1166 "You Touch, I CRUSH!" Preview and Download Page

You Touch, I CRUSH!


Whitney Wright




Full High Definition


I realize it's impossible not to touch my gorgeous legs but if you do, it comes with a painful price...YOU GET CRUSHED!


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Video Description

When we first saw pictures of Whitney Wright we knew she was definitely the right girl to add to our ever-growing list of ScissorVixens!

Of course the first thing that stood out was her gorgeous legs and perfect butt!  No doubt....this girl is no stranger to exercise as she spent her school years playing soccer and working out.

She told us she's not very aggressive by nature unless she's provoked. 

In other words..."Treat me nicely and there won't be any problems but give me attitude and I'll give it right back and then some!".

And boy does she give it right back to Drew after the pervert can't seem to keep his hands to himself!

But asking any man not to touch when you have an incredible pair of legs and booty dancing inches from your face is like telling a hungry dog not to lick a piece of T-bone steak!

But like most dogs that don't obey commands...Drew gets SEVERELY PUNISHED for his non-compliance to this stripper's rules!

"Yeah...you're not getting out of this lock!", she tells him...then brags..."I can leg press two of you!".

And when it comes to THIGHS CHOPS and THIGH SNAPS, very few ScissorVixens are as VICIOUS as this gorgeous ScissorVixen newcomer!

She raises her top thigh well beyond the 90-degree mark, thanks to her athletic flexibility, then sends her BIG thigh crashing down on Drew's exposed neck over and over again! 

It's no wonder he wasn't carried out on a stretcher!

"You know I can kill you right now!?", she threatens while clamping on a throat-busting neck scissors and follows with..."You'll overwhelm right between my legs!".

No doubt this beautiful and fit exotic dancer could do just that if she wanted but she'll settle for a few of his items like a $10,000 gold watch and whatever cash is sitting in his wallet...right after knocking him out in her POWERFUL REVERSE HEADSCISSOR!

When Whitney Wright says, “Don’t touch!”…you better keep your hands and fingers to yourself!

So...check out SMOKING HOT Whitney Wright in her debut ScissorVixen video titled..."You Touch, I CRUSH!".



SVDL-1166 'You Touch, I CRUSH!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : June-28-2017



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