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Summer Hart




Full High Definition


Even though I'm not the one who lost his wrench...looks like he's found my LEG WRENCH wrapped around his neck!


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Video Description

Summer Hart and her HUGE SKULL CRUSHERS are back to dish out more brutal punishment by applying eye-popping pressure to her latest victim...Drew!

Summer's POWERFUL thighs and world-class ass work together in perfect 'scissoring' harmony putting a nasty kink in Drew's scrawny neck!

He accuses Summer of losing his wrench, telling her she isn't going anywhere until she finds it.

But Summer has places to go and things to do and looking for his tools isn't one of them!  So Summer introduces him to new type of wrench...one that fits tightly around his neck and is sure to never lose its grip!

"Here's your wrench...this is called a NECK WRENCH!", she tells him while turning up the pressure one notch at a time!

Summer's thighs are brutally strong, and she knows it, and knows Drew has zero chance of being able to survive the power of her squeeeeeze!

"You like the feeling of my powerful thighs!?", she asks him, knowing the damage and torture her CRUSHERS are administering to his neck.

But it's Summer's reverse head scissors and reverse figure-4's that really have him seeing stars while begging for mercy and panicking for his life!

In the end she demands he apologize while his head is hanging off the edge of the couch and wedged between her PILLARS of PAIN threatening him..."I can squeeze harder!".

And SQUEEEEZE harder she does as she changes position for a standing reverse head scissors that has him screaming..."Sorry!, I'm sorry!!!".

But for Drew...it's too little, too late...Summer's NECK WRENCH isn't about to let go anytime soon!



SVDL-1162 'WRENCHING His Neck!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : June-14-2017



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