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 SVDL-1160 "Scissors Eviciton!" Preview and Download Page

Scissors Eviction!


Madame Alex Coal




Full High Definition


This loser tried to evict me for being late with the rent so I used my STRONG, SEXY LEGS to evict him out of my apartment!


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Video Description

In the 'I didn't see that coming' category gorgeous Madame Alex Coal gives Drew a scissor-beating he simply was not ready for!

Sure...after we first shot with her, I could tell from our victim's anguished face that Madame Alex Coal was definitely stronger than she looks but good lord did she SQUEEEEZE the living daylights out of me in this video!

You'll cringe when you see how Drew's veins in his forehead look like they're going to explode along with the deep red color in his face!

No doubt...Madame Alex Coal's little legs can administer far more power than they look!  It's freaky just how strong her SQUEEEEEZE is for her petite size!

And her bodyscissors were no less shocking, causing sharp pains in Drew's stomach as if his organs were literally being compressed into liquid!

Of course what Madame Alex Coal takes the most pride in is her ridiculously gorgeous ass but damn...it's nearly impossible to appreciate it just inches from your face when you're head feels like it's going to pop off!

In this video Drew's receiving a vicious scissor beating from Madame Alex Coal for trying to evict her from his apartment.

He foolishly tries to carry her over his shoulders but Alex Coal quickly traps his head between in thighs and forces him down to the couch.

From there...it's TORTURE TIME between Madame Alex Coals smooth but lethal legs!

At one point she tells him while holding him prisoner in a reverse head scissor, "You're going to do as I say....so I don't need to choke you out!".

Of course the stubborn landlord doesn't seem to learn too easily but finally can't take the beating, or PRESSURE, anymore and gives in to her demands.

In the end she tells him..."Ok, I'm going to make sure you're not going to forget this!", as she pours on the pressure in one of the most excruciating side neck scissors Drew as ever felt!

So, as long as Madame Alex Coal's THIGHS are paying the 'rent'...she'll be staying as long as she wants!



SVDL-1160 'Scissors Eviction!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : June-6-2017



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