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 SVDL-1155 "I'm Fired and You're CRUSHED!" Preview and Download Page

I'm Fired and You're CRUSHED!






Full High Definition


So I love to give my male customers a 'HUG' with my thighs and sometimes I squeeze too tight, oops...so fire me...if you dare!


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Video Description

Long legged 5'9" tall Harlow loves to SQUEEEEZE and has the legs to do some serious damage!

At first glance, she may not look intimidating but damnnn...once she latches those long legs around your neck or body, those muscles hiding underneath suddenly appear out of nowhere!

Then she likes to sit back, often acting as if she's got better things to do like examine her fingernails or play with her hair, and pour on eye-popping pressure along with making the veins in your forehead look as if they're going to explode!

And that's what she nearly does to her boss who tries to fire her for being a little too friendly with her male customers.  

Even though the restaurant she works at features scantily dressed waitresses wearing sexy lingerie to keep the men happy, Harlow likes to take her hospitality to a new level by wrapping her legs around the men and giving them a little Harlow 'love' squeeze.

Problem is, the 5'9" tall leggy waitress doesn't realize just how powerful her thighs are!

Her boss tries to fire her after a few male patrons throw up their dinners, a few more end up passing out or in one case...sends a guy to the hospital with broken ribs!

But what her poor boss doesn't realize is Harlow has never been terminated but is about to terminate him between her lethal leg scissors!

It's time for him to get a little Harlow love squeeeeze and find out that firing her isn't exactly going to happen when she's done with him!

Would you like a side order of strong, sexy thighs wrapped around your neck with that order sir!?

Of course you do!



SVDL-1155 'I'm Fired and You're CRUSHED!' Preview Clip



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Date Added : May-16-2017



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