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SVDL-1154 "You're No Match For My THIGHS!" Preview and Download Page

You're No Match For My THIGHS!


Summer Hart




Full High Definition


The best part of dating a weakling is being able to overpower him whenever I want and with THIGHS like mine...I do it often!


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Video Description

Just one look at Summer Hart and her BIG, POWERFUL THIGHS and you know this sexy red-head is built to CRUSH!

She showed up wearing a sexy sundress but even that couldn't hide the perfect curves of her world-class ass and bulging thighs underneath.

No doubt Summer has an athletic background and so it was no surprise when she told us she was a college gymnast, and even a coach, until she had an injury that prevented her from going further in the sport.

So, as part of her recovery, Summer discovered CrossFit and loves training almost every day, including working her SKULL-CRUSHING QUADS and out-of-this-world ass doing squats and every other leg exercise you can think of.

And now she can add neck-compressions to her list of thigh-developing activities!

In her debut ScissorVixen video, Summer is as SEXY as it gets!

She loves dating scrawny men because she enjoys ‘showing them up’ and administering a beating to them whenever she feels like it, which is quite often.

So when her boyfriend is struggling to bring a large water jug down the stairs, Summer steps in, grabs it from him and carries it down the stairs as if it were a container full of air!

Poor boyfriend has his pride hurt and tries to make a manly move by proclaiming..."I'm still a man and I'm still strong!  And to prove it, let’s wrestle and find out who's stronger!".

Oh boy...BIG MISTAKE...you just played right into Summer's hands, or shall we say...LEGS!

Watch as she starts out by playfully pushing him down to the floor while clamping on a headscissor from behind asking him..."What do you think I've been doing in the gym!?".

She works him over while still wearing her dress but eventually peels it off to reveal her huge, perfect breasts and of course...amazingly powerful legs and butt!

"You're absolutely powerless to do anything about this!", she tells him.  And one look at her enormous thighs bulging around his neck leaves no doubt he's as helpless as can be!

And right before locking him up in an eye-popping reverse headscissors, which are some of the best we've ever seen, she tells him..."Wait until you feel this!".  It's not long before he's tapping-out from the INSANE PRESSURE of her reverse!

In the end Summer asks him..."Are you ready to take a little nap?". 

As he pleads for her not to knock him out Summer pours on the pressure in a standing reverse headscissors that NO MAN could possibly survive...especially one as wimpy as her boyfriend!

Think you'd be a match for Summer's thighs?  If so, you better think again!



SVDL-1154 'You're No Match For My THIGHS!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : May-12-2017



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