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SVDL-1149 "Sunshine's SCISSOR VISE!" Preview and Download Page

Sunshine's SCISSOR VISE!






Full High Definition


If you don't think a pretty little girl like me can handle 'big boy' tools, wait until I get you in my SCISSOR VISE like this clown!


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Video Description

She's back!  It's one of your favorite Florida ScissorVixens once again teaching some fool not to mess with Sunshine's powerful thighs!

One thing many men believe they are entitled to is their own workshop complete with a full set of  power tools in order to get the 'job' done right. 

It's no place for a woman unless you're a woman who isn't afraid to get your hands dirty and look great doing it as is the case with Sunshine! 

With her hair tied back and wearing sinfully short Daisy Duke's, Sunshine has no problem grabbing ahold of her boyfriend's power saw and chopping up some wood.

But watch what happens when he catches her in the act of messing with his 'man tools' and starts to belittle her effort to use them.

"What exactly are you doing!?", he asks.

Then as Sunshine clamps the freshly cut piece of wood in a vise he continues with "Do you even know what you're using there!?".

And that's when it's time for Sunshine to show him she knows exactly what a vise is and more importantly...how to use one!

Sunshine is as SEXY as ever as she shows her boyfriend that her power tools don't need to be plugged in...they only need to be tightly wrapped around his neck!

"Pretty powerful vise, huh!?", she asks while nearly snapping his neck with a BRUTAL scissors from behind.

Then it's time to drag him onto his newly made workbench to show him more of her power tools including EYE-POPPING reverse head scissors, STRANGLING figure-4's and side reverse head scissors that nearly knock him out cold!

In the end she decides it's time to finish the job by clamping his neck in her THROAT-BUSTING scissors before getting back to where she left off!

So check out this SEXY shop-girl as she proves women can handle any tool a man can but not all men can handle hers in 'Sunshine's SCISSOR VISE!'.



SVDL-1149 'Sunshine's SCISSOR VISE!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : May-5-2017



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