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SVDL-1148 "Letting the Air Out Of His HEAD!" Preview and Download Page

Letting the Air Out Of His HEAD!


Bella Rossi




Full High Definition

He thought letting the air out of my tires would keep me from parking in his spot so now I'm letting the air out of his HEAD!


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Video Description

Bella Rossi and her HUGE, POWERHOUSE THIGHS are back and this time she's wrapping them around her asshole neighbor, Drew!

He thinks he owns the entire condo parking lot they share as neighbors and keeps letting the air out of her tires every time she parks where he doesn't want her to.

So Bella decides it's time to pay him a visit and turn up the PRESSURE by leaving his out...one CRUSHING AIR-DEFLATING SCISSORS after another!

Bella's thighs are scary powerful and once she has those HUGE  SKULL-CRUSHERS around your neck, head or ribs, all you can do is hope she doesn't snap your neck in two, crush your skull flat or a break a few ribs!

And one of Bella's favorite things to do is to pull your head up as high and insanely tight as possible into her reverse head scissors then pulsate and flex her sexy glutes in your face until you're eyes bulge out of their sockets and you're on the verge of passing out!

No matter the position...if it's Bella's PYTHONS wrapped around you...you're screwed!

And that Drew is as Bella nearly decapitates him in a throat-buster neck scissors that has him frantically flailing his body all around until the final drop of air is squeeeeeeezed out of him!

Mess with Bella Rossi's wheels and she'll use her other WHEELS to CRUSH YOU FLAT!



SVDL-1148 'Letting the Air Out Of His HEAD!' Preview Clip


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