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SVDL-1147 "I'll SCISSOR You If I Want To!" Preview and Download Page

I'll SCISSOR You If I Want To!


Madame Alex Coal




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One of the biggest mistakes a man can make is trying to tell a DOMINANT WOMAN what to do...time to SUFFER little man!


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Video Description

If you like that 'girl next door' combined with the 'sexy secretary' look all wrapped up in fiery red hair and a quiet but dominant attitude then you'll love Las Vegas Domme...Madame Alex Coal!

When introducing Madame Coal to scissoring for the first time she was clearly excited about her newest form of disciplinarian tools quickly posting on her social pages..."Scissor holds and cutting off a man's air supply = my new favorite thing.".

Without question...Madame Alex Coal has one of the best derriere's we've ever seen in which she refers to her amazing buttocks as her 'money makers'.

Of course we all know that a firm, round and shapely bottom usually adds up to murderous reverse headscissors and anything else that requires skull-crushing power.

And Madame Coal's thighs are equally effective at bringing on the pressure and pain!

And that she does to her boyfriend who seems to have forgotten who the boss is but is quickly reminded after he attempts to tell her what she can and cannot do!

Madame Coal, and her lethal legs, quickly set him straight by wrapping them around his neck and body for brutal eye-popping and rib-crushing scissor torture!

While CRUSHING him between her thighs she rhetorically asks..."You wanna know how I got these STRONG LEGS!?  From go-go dancing!".  This in response to the foolish man telling her she's not allowed to publicly shake her ass in front of men anymore.

And when she gives him a brief moment of oxygen, he makes the mistake of using it to call her the b-word.  He quickly pays an excruciating price as she clamps down and pours on eye-popping pressure in a front head scissors!

On and on it goes until she's ready to end his suffering by telling him, "Just take a nap honey, you'll feel so much better after you take a nap.", as her incredibly sexy but brutal side reverse head scissors helps him do just that!

Don't ever attempt to tell Madame Alex Coal what her limits are or she'll test yours with her thighs wrapped around your scrawny neck!



SVDL-1147 'I'll SCISSOR You If I Want To!' Preview Clip


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