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SVDL-1145 "Batgirl Assassin!" Preview and Download Page

Batgirl Assassin!


Cassandra Cain




Full High Definition

This punk thought he was going to get away with another robbery but my THIGHS are going to make sure this is his last!


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Video Description

Leggy Las Vegas Latina , Cassandra Cain, is a sexy dark-haired camgirl who calls herself a 'super geek' and refers to herself on Instagram as BatGirlAssassin.

Standing at 5'8" tall Cassandra Cain has no problem wrapping you up and squeeeeeezing the daylights out of you between her superheroine thighs!

She also describes herself as "socially shy" but when it's just you and Batgirl Assassin there's nothing shy about Cassandra Cain.

When I asked her if she was interested in offering sessions she said..."Hell yeah!".

Do you think you are brave enough to take on Batgirl Assassin's lethal legs!?

The small-time crook in this video thought he was brave enough but soon found out he's no match for the Latina vigilante who calls herself the Batgirl Assassin!

He's on the couch bragging to a friend about his latest heist when he hears a knock at the door.

Standing in his doorway is a tall, dark-haired woman wearing a long, blue coat asking if she can come in.

"Hey bro, let me get back at you...", he tells his friend on the phone while excited to have such a sultry but mysterious visitor.

Little does he know she's there to make him pay the ultimate price for his thievery and wrongdoing!

She takes off her long, blue coat and tosses it to the floor now standing in front of him wearing only high heels, a sexy black thong and batgirl shirt.

"I'm the Batgirl Assassin and I'm going to kick your ass!".

And that she does, with little effort, starting out by kicking him in the chest which sends him crashing to the floor stunned at the power in her thighs.

But he's going to soon find out just how much POWER she has in her strong, shapely thighs in the form of SKULL CRUSHING, RIB BUSTING and NECK SNAPPING leg scissors!

"I saw the fear in that girl's eyes when you were robbing her and now I'm going to watch the fear in your eyes!", she tells him while squeezing his neck so tight that he can barely plead for mercy.

On and on the torturous lesson goes but of course her intentions are to make sure this loser never gets another chance to terrorize anyone else again!

"Well...it's time to say goodbye!".

Watch as Bargirl Assassin transitions her brutal figure-4 leg-lock into an eye-popping across-the-throat neck scissors to finally put an end to his crime spree once and for all!

For Batgirl Assassin...no crime is too small to pay the ultimate price with your life!

So check out SEXY Cassandra Cain in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Batgirl Assassin'!.



SVDL-1145 'Batgirl Assassin' Preview Clip


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