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SVDL-1144 "Caffeinated CRUSH!" Preview and Download Page

Caffeinated CRUSH!


Daisy Ducati




Full High Definition

He drank my last coffee and left me with decaffeinated so now it's time to decaffeinate his head with my Caffeinated CRUSH!


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Video Description

The looooong, powerful dancer thighs of Daisy Ducati return to ScissorVixens.com to do some serious damage to her real-life boyfriend!

One thing Daisy cannot do without is a good cup of strong coffee to get her day started.  And anyone, and anything, standing in the way of her coffee is going to be in serious trouble!

And that's exactly why she's DESTROYING her boyfriend between her thighs in 'Caffeinated CRUSH!'.

After waking up and getting ready to make her coffee, Daisy realizes her boyfriend drank the last 'real' coffee leaving her with only de-caffeinated instead. 

So in place of her beloved morning coffee, she's going to wake up by putting him to sleep...one excruciating scissors after the other!

"We're going to have a little caffeinated crush!", she tells him while nearly decapitating him in an eye-popping across-the-throat scissors!

Watch as she wraps her long, lethal legs around his body and locks in a figure-4 that literally takes his breath away while almost snapping a few of his ribs in half as well!

Then it's more BRUTAL leg-torture as she hangs his head off of the edge of the bed and flexes her butt-muscles in his face in a devastating standing reverse head scissors telling him..."I'll pop that head right off!".

"Come on...I thought you liked being close to my pussy!?", she sarcastically asks him while having him hopelessly trapped in a front head scissors!

Near the end she threatens..."I will put your fucking lights out...now what's the lesson!?" and eventually follows through counting him down to unconsciousness..."4, 3, 2, 1...no more air for you!".

So check out GORGEOUS Daisy Ducati starting her morning right by putting her boyfriend to sleep in 'Caffeinated CRUSH!'.



SVDL-1144 'Caffeinated CRUSH!' Preview Clip


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