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SVDL-1115 "Fanboy Beatng!" Preview and Download Page

Fanboy Beating!


Bobbi Dylan




High Definition

There are fans and than there are fanboys and sometimes I've gotta put fanboys in their place... BETWEEN MY THIGHS!


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Video Description

Dark-haired beauty Bobbi Dylan makes her debut on ScissorVixens and is ready to channel plenty of anger and frustration into a role she can relate to all too well!

When we asked her if she knew what scissor holds were she just rolled her eyes while smirking at the same time and said..."Yes...of course!  I have plenty of jiu-jitsu and kickboxing experience so this won't be much of a challenge for me!".

But...we can't say the same thing for this obsessive fanboy who insists on stalking her everywhere she goes!

He finds a way to sneak past the guards and enter her dressing room wanting to only breath the same air she's breathing.  But he's about to find out breathing any air is going to be difficult once Bobbi wraps her long, athletic thighs around his neck!

And as if strangling him between her thighs wasn't punishment enough, Bobbi covers his mouth and nose with her hands every time he starts to make too much noise trying to scream for help!

"Perhaps you're the one who needs help from the guards to protect you from my scissors!", Bobbi tells him while squeeeeeze his neck even tighter!

On and on it goes as she applies one vicious scissor hold after the other including several head-popping figure-4?s!

In the end Bobbi knocks him out cold in a BRUTAL throat scissors and is finally happy to get the privacy she's entitled to without dealing with anymore stalking fanboys.

So check out BEAUTIFUL Bobbi Dylan in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Fanboy Beating!'.



SVDL-1115 'Fanboy Beating' Preview Clip


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