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SVDL-1109 "Custom Execution!" Preview and Download Page

Custom Execution!


Sophia Stone




High Definition

As an assassin there are many things I love about my job including delivering video proof to my customers of a job well done!


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Video Description

5'10" tall blonde Amazon Sophia Stone and her HUGE, MUSCULAR THIGHS returns to ScissorVixens doing what she does best...CRUSHING the life out of another victim!

Sophia Stone is a well-known Executrix fetish model and very few know how to play the part better than her!

When watching Sophia in action and listening to the way she verbally takes charge you get the sense there's very little acting going on and more like a genuine side of her personality coming to surface.

In this video Sophia Stone is a highly paid assassin known for getting the job done right which means for her victims it's lights out!

But some of Sophia's customers are almost as diabolical as she is requesting that she not only complete the job but record it on video while following a custom script for torture. 

Sophia literally towers over her much smaller 5'2" tall victim as she carries him into her torture room while keeping him quiet with one hand covering his mouth.

Watch as the terrified man starts to beg for his life knowing that it's soon to be over.

And with THIGHS like Sophia's that means it will be over very soon!

But of course Sophia Stone likes to toy with her victims first before executing the job she's been hired to complete and that includes many torturous scissor holds while sprinkling in some humiliation like forcing him to take her boots off and shoving her foot in his face!

At one point she towers over his nearly lifeless body and demands that he tries to get up.  He attempts to stand by grabbing one of her huge, powerful thighs but loses his grip and slides back down to the floor. 

Once again she commands that he get up and just when it appears he may be successful Sophia pushes him back down to the floor with her hand on top of his head.

Then she brings him up to his knees and gives him 3 BRUTAL knees to the head making him fall back into the couch totally stunned and nearly unconscious!

In the end Sophia gets what she came for and following her customer's script ends his life with a murderous reverse headscissors!

If you have a job for Sophia you can bet she'll do it right and even deliver a custom execution video?for a small extra fee of course.

So check out Executrix model, Sophia Stone, getting the job done right in 'Custom Execution!'.



SVDL-1109 'Custom Execution!' Preview Clip


Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  30 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  565 MB


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