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SVDL-1098 "Scissoring Amazon Lovers!" Preview and Download Page

Scissoring Amazon Lovers!


Vanessa and Aris




High Definition

Since this fool doesn't know how to treat women with respect it's time to replace him with my new girlfriend!


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Video Description

When we explained the video scenario to new ScissorVixen Aris her face lit up and she said..."Wow, this is perfect since I just broke up with my asshole boyfriend!".   We love coming up with scenarios our ScissorVixens can sink their legs into! 

Towering Amazon Vanessa at 6'4" and new ScissorVixen Amazon Aris at 5'11" can't seem to keep their hands or lips off of each other and can't seem to keep their legs off of Aris's disrespectful soon-to-be ex-boyfriend!

When Aris returns home from a party she introduces her boyfriend to his new replacement...Vanessa!

She's tired of his cheating and disrespectful ways so she decides it's time to also teach him a PAINFUL lesson by getting CRUSHED by a pair of long, powerful Amazon thighs!

Watch as Vanessa and Aris take turns squeezing him senseless then both at the same time, one around his scrawny body and the other around his neck while constantly fondling and kissing each other just to add to his humiliation!

"So, have you learned your lesson yet!?", Aris sarcastically asks while Vanessa clamps on an excruciating standing head scissors.  One of many BRUTAL scissor holds that nearly pop his head off!

On and on it goes as both girls continue to show plenty of affection towards each other while showing him plenty of scissor pain!

In the end both girls have him wrapped up as tight as possible with Aris clamping on a skull-crushing head scissors and Vanessa crushing him in a body scissor!

While cheering Aris on Vanessa tells her..."Squeeeeeeze him real tight!".

And squeeeeze she does as it proves to be more pressure than he can take as he finally succumbs to the 2-on-1 Amazon scissor attack!

This is definitely a one-of-a-kind video for us at ScissorVixens.com!

So for those who don't mind two gorgeous Amazons getting it on while completely dominating and destroying their male victim you're going to LOVE Vanessa and Aris in 'Scissoring Amazon Lovers!'.



SVDL-1098 'Scissoring Amazon Lovers!' Preview Clip


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