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SVDL-1096 "Here's the Code To My Secret Weapons!" Preview and Download Page

Here's the Code To My Secret Weapons!


Katie Thornton




High Definition

Since he doesn't want to give me the code to his secret weapons I'll give give him the code to mine!


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Video Description

Blonde British BOMBSHELL Katie Thornton makes her debut as an international spy out to crack a code and maybe a few heads as well!

Katie told us she's more of a glamour model than anything but once she wrapped those lean, athletic thighs around her victim she soon discovered a side of modeling she quickly latched on to saying..."This is quite fun!".

But not so much fun for this guy who Katie is sent to extract a code to the plans of a new secret weapon.

He is lured back to his apartment after meeting the leggy spy in a night club.  But when she emerges from his bathroom wearing black knee-high boots and a black leotard he thinks he's going to have some fun, but all the fun is going to be hers!

"I want that secret code!", she demands.

But that's where he tries to draw the line so she gives him the code to her secret weapons by drawing a line across his neck with her thighs!

One BRUTAL scissor hold after the other as Katie is determined to extract the information she came for. 

And once he realizes there?s no escape other than to meet her demands she tells him?? You should have told me that from the beginning.  Now it?s time to kill you!?.

Watch as she strangles him to death with a vicious side neck scissors as he frantically tries to break free!

So check out sizzling HOTTTT British model, Katie Thornton, in her ScissorVixen debut video titled 'Here's the Code To My Secret Weapons!'.



SVDL-1096 'Here's the Code To My Secret Weapons!' Preview Clip


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