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SVDL-1090 "21 Minutes of SCISSOR HELL!" Preview and Download Page

21 Minutes of SCISSOR HELL!


Alexis Rain




High Definition

This poor boy was told he would only have to survive my SQUEEEEZE for 10 minutes but I decided he deserves all 21!


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Video Description

Once again, muscle babe Alexis Rain proves that POWERFUL SCISSORS can come in 'small' packages as she demonstrates her TRUE KNOCKOUT POWER in this video (members area video clip with red border)!

After showing her latest victim a few pictures of Alexis and seeing the muscles in her thighs (and everywhere else!) he had some serious concerns so we assured him he would only have to do half the video and Drew would take the punishment for the second half.

But as Alexis clamped her CRUSHERS around his neck over and over again she was having so much fun that she decided he was going to have to do the video all himself (no arguments from Drew on that one!).

The fact that her victim is also somewhat of a wiseass and took a few political shots at her favorite presidential candidate also fueled Alexis' determination to make him pay!

And pay he does!

As we mentioned in Alexis' previous video a few months ago (knocking out her victim a few times for real!), she is much stronger than the first time we shot her years ago.

Her legs are definitely bigger and she's gotten much more LETHAL in her scissoring technique including "I'm gonna' pop your fucking head off!" figure-4's that she calls her favorite!

But it's the high-arching front scissors with her victim's neck tightly clamped against her crotch with no room to breathe (literally!) straight scissors that does him in... off to la-la-land he goes!

Although this video was scheduled to be 20-minutes Alexis decided to add one more for good measure and put her latest victim through '21 Minutes of SCISSOR HELL!'.



SVDL-1090 '21 Minutes of SCISSOR HELL!' Preview Clip


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