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SVDL-1088 "Scissored Red!" Preview and Download Page

Scissored Red!






High Definition

I like the color red...my car, my clothes, my shoes, my panties and this guy's red face CRUSHED between my STRONG thighs!


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Video Description

Roller derby skater and all-around athletic hottie, Akira, returns to ScissorVixens this time to change Drew's pale Irish skin into a new color...RED!

We've shot with hundreds of different models over the years and of course they all share one common trait...head-turning (literally!) thighs.

And without a doubt Akira's long, lean, shapely and very muscular thighs are some of the sexiest and most dangerous we've been CRUSHED by so far!

And nothing seems to show off a great pair of legs better than a tight form-fitting waist-high red dress and red high heels and good lord do they ever show off Akira's amazing legs!

In this video Akira's neighbor is tired of her parking her little red car in his parking space.  So he bangs on her door and demands that she moves it or he'll have it towed.

Then he notices how everything about Akira seems to be red and makes the BIG mistake of suggesting she looks like a hooker wearing a tight red dress that barely covers her butt along with her stripper-style high heels.

That's when Akira tells him..."Well...red is my favorite color just like your soon to be red face!".

Watch as Akira's thigh muscles EXPLODE in vengeful fury around his neck trapping him deep into her thighs and giving him a taste of what her call-girl thighs can do!

While having him in a tight front scissors so she can watch the terror and hopeless desperation in his face she says..."Ah...look at that face being squashed between my STRONG THIGHS!" and then asks..."How do they feel!?".

At one point he even suggests her strong legs come from all the walking she does going from one corner to the next and that's when Akira REALLY POURS IT ON while having him in a vicious throat scissors that causes her neighbor to panic (for REAL!) and quickly tap-out!

On and on it goes as Akira tortures him with her thighs from every angle until he can take no more.

In the end she has her neighbor in a side neck scissor on the floor and says while slapping her muscular thighs..."Look at these muscles...I'm pretty sure they can snap a neck and I think today is the perfect day to snap yours!".

So check out long lethal-legged Akira showing off her street-corner thighs in 'Scissored Red!'.



SVDL-1088 'Scissored Red' Preview Clip


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  21 minutes 

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