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SVDL-1057 "Disciplining the Disciplinarian!" Preview and Download Page

Disciplining the Disciplinarian!


Jenny Jett




High Definition

 The best part of detention is getting to discipline the new disciplinarian with my young, strong thighs!


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Video Description

Gorgeous new ScissorVixen Jenny Jett is an absolute beauty with a KILLER pair of thighs!

She recently contacted us wanting to shoot for ScissorVixens.com and although she shot for one other producer before us she said after our shoot..."Well...I consider this my first REAL scissor shoot!". 

And we are honored to be the first to show Jenny Jett the proper technique in putting her strong, athletic thighs to good use!

At 5'7" Jenny's legs are so long you'd think she was more like 5'10" tall! 

Wrapping her victims up between her lean, muscular thighs isn't much of a challenge for this beauty but surviving her squeeze is for whoever gets caught between them!

In her debut ScissorVixens video naughty schoolgirl Jenny Jett is in trouble again.  Whether it's for not doing her homework, texting and taking selfies in class or beating up the boys she always finds herself back in her favorite class...detention!

And the reason detention is her favorite class is because that's where she gets to dish out her own brand of discipline for whoever is unfortunate enough to have to  try and keep this schoolgirl hottie in line!

So when the new disciplinarian shows up and immediately tries to put his foot down that's when Jenny puts her foot right into his balls sending him to his knees in pain!

Then Jenny goes to work by jumping up on her desk and quickly pulling his head deep into her thighs for a crushing scissors from behind!

  "What's-a-matter...you don't like my young, strong thighs around your neck...?  This is my idea of discipline!".

She continues to work him over in more scissors on the desk before pushing him to the floor and straddles his neck in a sexy schoolgirl pin!

  "Oh my Mr. Disciplinarian...my sweet, young pussy is right in front of your face but you can't do anything about it can you!?".

After taunting and humiliating him some more Jenny rolls to her side taking his head and the rest of his body with her and straightens her thighs to secure an eye-popping front head scissor!

On and on it goes including a brutal lotus hold that nearly breaks his arms and pops his shoulders out of their sockets!

And if you like young, beautiful hotties with a gorgeous ass Jenny Jett has that as well!

Her reverse head scissors are just as lethal and that's how she decides to end her class in detention...by laying the teacher flat on his back on top of the desk, pulling his head off the edge and putting him to sleep in one of the sexiest and brutal standing reverse head scissors you'll ever see!

Young, sexy, athletic and beautiful...she's got it all and so will you by checking out Jenny Jett in her debut ScissorVixen video titled "Disciplining the Disciplinarian!".



SVDL-1057 'Disciplining the Disciplinarian!' Preview Clip


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