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SVDL-1028 "Get a Lick of My SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page

Get a Lick of My SCISSORS!






High Definition

Since my teacher doesn't like me licking my lollipop in class it's time to give him a lick of my SCISSORS instead!


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Video Description

When we contacted muscular little fitness hottie and horse trainer, Evina, about becoming our latest ScissorVixen and explained to her what we were all about she replied..."Hell yeah!  I've been riding horses my entire life so my legs are PERFECT for this!".

She couldn't wait to show up at our studios to demonstrate how well-trained her thighs are at wrapping around something and clamping on a DEATH GRIP!

She even told us that when she was in high school she was asked by the wrestling coach to try out for the team...the boys team!

I think the boys on that wrestling team are lucky she preferred wrapping her legs around horses instead of their necks...until now that is!

In her debut ScissorVixen video she plays the role of a naughty school girl who can't seem to stay out of trouble.  So now she's spending a few hours after class in detention with the teacher.

As soon as he walks in he can tell she's got a bad attitude and doesn't like to take direction very well.

"Excuse me miss but we don't allow chewing gum in class so if you don't mind spit it out!".

Well...the muscular school girl just smirks and to his surprise decides to comply with his wish.

Then she unwraps a lollipop and starts to lick it as obnoxiously and as loudly as she can which annoys him even more!

"That's it...you've got two more weeks in detention!  Now put that lollipop down and try to make your time here useful like opening your book!".

Evina makes her time more useful alright by climbing up on his desk, lifting her short plaid skirt and pulling his head into a eye-popping head scissor!

"You didn't know I was on the wrestling team did you!?  Well...get a lick of my scissors...how's it taste!?".

On and on it goes as she totally CRUSHES the helpless teacher with her short but very muscular thighs over and over!

In the end she decides to really humiliate him by strapping on a murderous side neck scissors while reaching for her lollipop and picks up where she left off licking it as annoying loud as possible!

Then watch as she pulls him to the floor while still maintaining her strangling scissor hold and licking her lollipop saying?"Well Mr. Teacher...it's time to say goodnight!".

He panics and struggles to stay awake which of course we all know he doesn't stand a chance!



SVDL-1028 'Get a Lick of My SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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