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Private SCISSOR Show!






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Video Description

Once again we at ScissorVixens add yet another CRUSHER to our ever-growing lineup in the form of a dark-haired drop-dead  BEAUTY named Brooke!

We were first alerted to Brooke by another producer who sent us a picture of her muscular thighs scissoring some poor guy's neck with the caption..."Hey Drew...I think Brooke's got the right look for your site! lol".

And boy does she ever!

During a pre-shoot interview with another producer he asked Brooke a series of questions.  One of them was..."Do you have a favorite body-part and if so what is it...?".

Her reply was music to a scissor-fans ears..."Yeah...I would have to say my legs because they are pretty strong from playing soccer, gymnastics and volleyball.".

But wait...it gets better!

Brooke told us off camera that one thing she LOVES to do is WRESTLE but none of her guy-friends want to because she's a girl.  And her favorite hold is no surprise either...LEG SCISSORS!

Well...in this video this poor guy is about to find out how much Brooke loves to scissor after he pays for a private show at the strip club she works.

When he walks into her private area he notices something odd..."Uhhh....why is there a wrestling mat in the middle of the floor...?".

"Well...I'll show you soon enough!", Brooke replies with a big smile.

Then she has him sit on the couch and starts her sexy dance routine and the excitement is written all over his face.  And he gets even more excited when she asks him to help her with her next move.

"Ok...if you can get on your knees and stay right there I'm going to show you something I think you'll like!".

Watch as Brooke does a head-stand, spreads her long, muscular legs wide and then rolls forward landing her pussy in his face and finally CLAMPS her thighs around his neck in an eye-popping front head scissor!

"I love to wrestle and SCISSOR the shit out of guys...hope you don't mind!?".

Then Brooke delivers one punishing scissor hold after the other and in one BRUTAL front head scissor she asks..."So how do you like my strong thighs wrapped around your throat...hmmm...?".

But like all shows they must come to an end when it's time to turn out the lights.

And that's exactly what Brooke does to her now beaten and humiliated customer in 'Private SCISSOR Show!'.



SVDL-1018 'Private SCISSOR Show!' Preview Clip


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